[VIDEO] 1970 Corvette Signed By Paul Newman Reviewed by PBS’ Antique Roadshow


[VIDEO] 1970 Corvette Signed By Paul Newman Reviewed by PBS' Antique Roadshow

Lots of folks enjoy watching the Antiques Roadshow series on PBS, to find out what that old bowl from Aunt Susie or that fancy painting from Uncle Lou might be worth after an appraisal by the show’s hosts.

Today, however, Antiques Roadshow offers a different twist that no doubt will appeal to the Corvette enthusiasts out there.

In a YouTube video posted last week, a guest shares the story of his 1970 Corvette coupe that has an unusual story behind it. He explains to the appraiser that his red Stingray was the grand prize in a radio contest that sought to find out who could get the most famous celebrity to call in on their behalf.

[VIDEO] 1970 Corvette Signed By Paul Newman Reviewed by PBS' Antique Roadshow

Well, other contestants had stars like David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Rosie O’Donnell ringing up the radio station.

But the winner was this fellow who was working at the time for a catering company that was providing food for Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Annual Gala that raised money for his camp for kids with cancer.

“I asked my boss if I could ask (Newman), and he laughed and said, ‘There’s no way he’ll do it for you, but go right ahead and ask.'”

[VIDEO] 1970 Corvette Signed By Paul Newman Reviewed by PBS' Antique Roadshow

Well, Newman remembered the fellow from years before at other catering events and agreed to call the station. Not surprisingly, Newman wound up being voted the most famous out of the 24 celebrities who ended up participating.

The story gets even better as the contest winner drove out to another Hole in the Wall Gang party that he was catering the next spring, and Newman agreed to autograph the dash of the Corvette. He even has photos showing the congenial star sitting in the driver’s seat and signing the dash to prove it’s authentic.

[VIDEO] 1970 Corvette Signed By Paul Newman Reviewed by PBS' Antique Roadshow

After the appraiser explains a brief history of the Corvette, she places an auction estimate of the car at $18,000 to $24,000, but, as she points out, “the reason we’re here and talking is the Paul Newman value.”

There’s another side to Newman, she adds, “which I think even beyond his fame, beyond his philanthropy, increases the value even more for a celebrity, and it’s the fact that he was a race car driver!”

“And he raced Corvettes,” the owner of the Corvette interjects.

The appraiser believes the celebrity-signed car would bring $30,000 to $40,000 at an auction but cautions the owner that it would be wise to insure it for at least $65,000.

Antiques Road Show PBS / YouTube

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  1. Is the owner’s contact information available? I would like to bid/make an offer on it.

  2. PLN was awesome with the GROUP 44 TR6 AND V12 JAGUAR . HE ALSO DID GREAT IN BOB SHARPS# 33 DATSUN 240Z… he gave me a box of cookies but i did not ask him to autograph it. it is a well known fact that he HATED to do them. but very charitable.

    he was a regular at LIME ROCK PARK.

  3. Newman raced for the last time at age 82.
    Is was at Watkins Glen in ’07.
    He drove a Corvette to fourth place:-)

  4. oops, newman drove sharps 280z i think, not 240z.

    he drove group 44 TRIUMPH TR6but i dont think he droveGROUP 44 JAGUAR, that was mainly bob tullius i believe.

  5. Mr. Newman did it all! He was very committed to everything he did whether it was acting, charitable work, or racing. And he was a fellow Ohioan as well hailing from Shaker Heights, Ohio.


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