Corvette Assembly Plant Sets Single Day Production Record for C8 Corvettes


Corvette Assembly Plant Sets Single Day Production Record for C8 Corvettes

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

We always like to pass along good news when it comes our way and today’s news is especially good for those Corvette enthusiasts whose orders for their new 2022 Corvettes are getting ready for production.

On Tuesday, the Corvette Assembly Plant completed the building of 197 new Corvettes which we believe is the single-day record for C8 Corvette production. The production team followed up that great news by producing 195 Corvettes on Wednesday. During normal times (yeah, when was that again?) the plant is set up to complete 184 Corvettes total or 92 per shift.

We’ll have to watch the numbers closely for the next few days to see if they are trying to make up for any of the recent losses due to the tornado strike and the day and a half snow closures from last week.

The Assembly Plant will be closed on Monday, January 17th for Martin Luther King Day, and then they put the pedal to the metal with no planned work stoppages expected until Easter holiday break in Mid-April.


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  1. People really don’t realize the total level of dedication it takes to accomplish stuff like this. These folks have been slammed to the mat time after time after time. And after each knockdown they get back up fight their way to the top. CONGRATS to everyone who builds these masterpieces!!! AMAZING!!!


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