[VIDEO] Unholy Engine Swap: C6 Corvette Gets a Turbocharged K24 Honda Engine


C6 Corvette Gets a Turbocharged K24 Honda Engine

Photo Credit: Unruly_Motorsports1

Sometimes results, not size, are all that matters.

That certainly seems to be the case with this C6 Corvette convertible that is losing its big ol’ 6.0-liter factory V8 in favor of a little bitty heavily modified Honda K24 2.4-liter four-cylinder.

Size really doesn’t matter in this case as the Honda engine has upgrades like forged rods and pistons, a closed deck block, and 11:1 compression ratio, along with a 67mm turbocharger with dual ceramic ball bearings.

Kevin Prescott at Unruly Motorsports in Georgia says the engine produced a whopping 828 horsepower on 20 psi of boost in a previous build, but he hopes to modify it even more to send 900 horsepower through the rear wheels of this silver C6.

The Corvette’s stock transaxle will be removed and replaced with a two-speed Powerglide, the drag racer’s dream transmission, and a conventional driveshaft instead of the torque tube. The heavy stock seats will be removed and replaced with lighter versions, and they also plan to reduce weight even further by yanking out unnecessary things within the dash.

Because the modified Honda engine turns out to be a lot more powerful than the stock 430 horsepower Chevy V8 while weighing a lot less (318 pounds compared to 488 pounds), Prescott believes the modified ‘Vette will be able to run the quarter-mile in the high six-second range.

Check out the early stages of their “Vendetta Project” in this debut YouTube video, which also includes a cameo by a dead mouse discovered in the car which the guys have nicknamed “Freddie” and invited him to hang around during the build and maybe even go on the first test run until he gets blown away by the wind.

Anyway, they hope to take the car straight to the dyno when they’re finished, hopefully by next year’s Hot Rod Drag Week, and then joke that they plan to “beat the piss” out of it to see which breaks first, the engine or the transmission.


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  1. Moloch!!!

    But, I would be interested to see how it performs on the dyno and strip. If the C9 is to have an ICE, we can likely expect to see a small displacement turbo ICE-electric hybrid in it. Just conjecturing…

  2. Running any door slammer in the 6’s take huge nads!!! Doing it in a convertible…we’ll, that’s got me tuning in to a live broadcast! Keep us posted 😉

  3. Uggg!! My head hurts, what is the friggen point??? Why not just buy some POS Honda and mod it, geez. What a waste.


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