[VIDEO] Ciocca Corvette Debuts at Carlisle


[VIDEO] Ciocca Corvette Debuts at Carlisle

Our friends at Ciocca Corvette have had a whirlwind of a year after the purchase and takeover of Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City. We were able to meet Gregg Ciocca as well as new general manager Dan Maida at Corvettes at Carlisle this year and they are very serious about working to build on the trust and confidence of Corvette buyers following the Kerbeck sale.

Speaking of Corvettes at Carlisle, here is a fun video from the world’s largest Corvette dealer who made their debut at the Corvette show this summer. In the video, Gregg talks a little about his humble beginnings to where the dealership group is today, and that includes his return to Carlisle as the presenting dealer sponsor. Carlisle’s Lance Miller also gives an overview of the show and then we get a big welcome to Carlisle from Dan Maida.

After watching this recap, you’ll be jonesing to return to Carlisle next August to do it all over again!

Ciocca Corvette / YouTube

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