[VIDEO] The Throttle House Guys Finally Get to Drive the 2019 Corvette ZR1


[VIDEO] The Throttle House Guys Finally Get to Drive the 2019 Corvette ZR1

The grand finale of front-engined Corvettes already holds a curious place in automotive history. It is one of the most significant vehicles in recent memory, yet its time in the spotlight was gone before it really even had a chance to shine.

The previous two ZR(-)1 generations were on the market for six and five years, respectively, so we really got to know their greatness through news cycle after news cycle of comparison tests, reviews, and Chevrolet marketing material.

The mightiest Corvette of all time, the 755-horse C7 ZR1, was another story. It was only on the market for a single model year, amassing just 2,953 total orders. It might have racked up some impressive accolades during its brief on-sale window, but it was already being overshadowed by the possibility of a little brother that had always been little more than a myth before it even shed its camo.

Years later and the C8 hype-train remains in full gear, but there is a ton of excess demand for C7 ZR1 content (especially around here!). While you don’t hear nearly enough about the LT5 monster around the internet-at-large, Corvette faithful have cemented the ultimate C7’s status already. It is the first ‘Vette to regularly trade hands at prices surpassing $200,000 before reaching its fifth birthday.

The circumstances surrounding the King of the Seventh-Gen Hill’s meteoric price rush is one of many topics discussed in an outstanding new video from one of our favorite YouTube channels, Throttle House. The guys have wanted to drive GM’s most powerful production car since it dropped cover in Dubai, and they finally got their chance. They made the most of their time with the A8-equipped Arctic White screamer too!

Other topics covered in the video include how the ZR1 stacks up against the other appreciation king of the past half-decade, the Viper ACR, review segments for every aspect of the car, and even some hot-lapping! Rather than spoil any of the results and/or opinions that are dropped in TH’s marvelous video here, we will just urge you to watch it for yourself.

For your author, seeing (and hearing) the last “original recipe” Corvette ripping across the screen and the dumbfounded grins on the host’s faces while behind the wheel re-ignited a passion for America’s Sports Car that the current car wearing the hallowed Crossed Flags hasn’t quite been able to duplicate in the past two model years. With the imminent release of the first Z-badged Corvette since the big-winged beauty left production, though, I can confidently say that my deep-seated affection will return to the present in about 20 days. It’s been a long wait, but this final clip of my last love is exactly what I needed to will me across the finish line!

Throttle House

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