Final Production Statistics for the 2021 Corvette Model Year


Final Production Statistics for the 2021 Corvette Model Year

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

We’ve already had the chance to detail the most popular colors, options, and equipment that customers ordered for the 2021 Corvettes, and now the National Corvette Museum has provided the official production statistics for the 2021 Corvette model year.

Click the link to view and download the 2021 Corvette Stingray Production Stats.

A total of 26,216 Corvettes were built for the 2021 model year with Coupes making up 58% (15,112) versus the Convertibles 42% (11,104). This was the highest convertible take rate since 1969!

A majority of 2021 buyers selected the 2LT at their Equipment Package with 44.1% (11,565) with the 3LT a close second at 40.1% (10,720) while the base 1LT accounted for just 14.9% (3,931).

The Z51 Performance Package was very popular with 69.5% (18,223) of all Corvettes in 2021 having the option. The only other optional item that we saw higher than the Z51 was the NPP Performance Exhaust with a take rate of 87%. The NPP was included in the Z51 package but as many C7 Corvette buyers learned, that extra 5-hp and the soundtrack that accompanies it is worth the extra cost. The E60 Front Lift is also popular with 61.1% (16,026) Corvettes equipped with the axle-raising option.

We’ve already charted the most popular exterior/interior color combinations for 2021. Torch Red was the top color for the model year at 19.7% (5,171) followed by Arctic White at 14.3% (3,769) and Red Mist at 13.3% (3,476). On the back end, Zeus Bronze is the rarest at 1.9% (509) followed by Accelerate Yellow at 3.2% (890) and Shadow Gray at 4.2% (1,111).

Inside the 2021 Corvette, the GT2 seats were the most popular of the three offered with 60.1% (15,766) while the standard GT seats were included in 33.1% (8,680), and the Competition Seats were added to just 6.8% (1,770). The standard Black seatbelts were outfitted in 66% (17,326) of cars. Suede was a fairly low option with only 17.4% (4,573) of buyers opting for it, and nearly one out of five Corvettes 19.8% (5,178) have the interior Carbon Fiber trim.

Finally, 23,573 (89.9%) of all 2021 Corvettes were built for the customers in the United States, while 1,887 (7.2%) went to Canada, 361 (1.4%) were exported to Japan, 246 (0.9%) went to the Middle East, and 149 (0.6%) were sent to Mexico.

You can download and view the 2021 Corvette Stingray Production Stats here.

National Corvette Museum

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