The Corvette C8.Rs Tested GT3-Spec ABS Brakes at the Detroit Grand Prix


The Corvette C8.Rs Tested GT3-Spec ABS Brakes at the Detroit Grand Prix

Photo Credit: Steve Fecht for Chevy Racing

In an attempt to begin getting ready for next year’s GTD Pro racing and a possible eventual brand-new GT3 car in 2024, Corvette Racing’s two C8.Rs used GT3-style anti-lock brake systems at the Detroit Grand Prix back in June.

GM Sports Car Racing Program Manager Laura Wontrop Klauser and Corvette Racing’s Antonio Garcia both confirmed the use of the GT3 ABS brakes in an interview with Sportscar 365.

“For sure we’ve been trying different systems and everything,” Garcia said. “Knowing that next year is just an evolution of the car we actually have and just having a few things to put together with the current car we have. We’ve been developing and testing different things. [We’re] just trying to learn the car and how it’s going to feel like.”

Garcia said the Detroit Grand Prix offered a “one-off” race to test the system. “We were just racing one another, so it was a good thing that we could run it there and have a first experience on that.”

Klauser confirmed that GM had IMSA’s blessing to use the GT3 system to “test how it would perform” and get some “real-world correlation” in the first public acknowledgement that the C8.Rs were not adhering strictly to ACO’s GTE rules for the Detroit Grand Prix.

The Corvette C8.Rs Tested GT3-Spec ABS Brakes at the Detroit Grand Prix

Photo Credit: Richard Prince for Corvette Racing

According to IMSA, to compete in the new 2022 GTD Pro class alongside GT3 cars, current GTE-spec cars will have to use the ABS system and make a few other additions or changes.

As they try to get ready for a possible GTD Pro season in ’22, Corvette Racing used the ABS-modified GTE-spec C8.Rs in an invitational, non-points scoring class at the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Belle Street race that shares the Detroit Grand Prix weekend.

GM still hasn’t confirmed its racing plans or the development of an all-new GT3-spec Corvette.


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  1. Did anyone else see the GT-3 Porsche 4 wheel drive 1100 HP coupe that they are going to sell to the public to race next year in IMSA. They will KILL this series just like they KILLED the CanAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John, certainly sounds like a series killer, like the Penske Panzer, but with BoP, the Porsche’s full potential will be curtailed, just like the FPC 5.5L engine the C8.R is using now.
    And least we forget, at some point the C8 will be 4WD.


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