Corvette Values: State of New York Auctions Stolen Red C7 Corvette


Corvette Values: State of New York Auctions Stolen Red C7 Corvette

Photo Credit: NYS OFfice of General Services

Looks like the second time is a charm for the State of New York when it came to auctioning a stolen C7 Corvette that was recovered in Rochester. The high bid for the 2015 Stingray Coupe was $34,900, assuming that the deal closes.

The State of New York’s General Services Office put up the Torch Red 2015 Corvette Stingray Coupe for auction for the second time on Monday after its first attempt in June resulted in a no-sale after the winning bidder backed out of the deal.

Still, the State should be happy as the second auction resulted in a high bid that was $2,600 more than the original auction’s high bid of $32,300. Now, the Office of General Services is hopeful the second sale will close without incident.

“We are waiting for the paperwork to be finalized,” agency spokesman Joseph Brill wrote in an email to the Ithaca Journal.

Corvette Values: State of New York Auctions Stolen Red C7 Corvette

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, the Torch Red Stingray was stolen from an out-of-state dealership. The NY DMV flagged a discrepancy with the VIN on the Corvette when someone attempted to register it in Rochester. The VIN was apparently altered and a subsequent investigation revealed that the car had been stolen.

The original dealership’s insurance company had already covered the loss of the car and declined to retake ownership, leaving New York State officials in the clear to auction the Corvette.

Ithaca Journal

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  1. I thought I read somewhere that this vehicle has a salvage title. In my state that means it can not be registered for the highway or insured.

  2. I wonder why the insurance didn’t claim it back . They paid the claim to the dealer, making it their car ? But I suppose it was because they are in the insurance business, not the car business. Could someone be so kind to explain this to me.

  3. I wondered the same thing. I would think the insurance company would want to recover at least some of their money. At least they could sell it back to the original dealership. I haven’t seen when it was stolen or if it was new when stolen or already a used car. If new when stolen it should be worth something unless somebody put a lot of miles on it.

  4. I see it did have 31,000 + miles on it after some “adventures”. It sure looks like Daytona Sunrise Orange, not Torch Red unless the picture isn’t of the actual car. I’d like to know how they stole it. Did they break in to the key locker and get the key fob?

  5. The Corvette has a Salvage title!
    This is a death wish for its value!
    I hope the buyer realizes it’s a huge negative
    If he ever hopes to sell it!

  6. There was an earlier story with the first auction. I do believe it was a used car stolen from a dealership. I am almost positive I read in the earlier story that it had a salvage title. If that is the case, I can see why the first bidder backed out and wouldn’t be surprised to see the same thing happening with the current high bidder. I think it is the camera that makes it look a different color.

  7. It’s definitely not Daytona Sunrise Orange. I have a C7 in that color and it’s a dark orange metallic. Sometimes Torch Red appears red orange in pictures.

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