Upgrade Your Corvette’s Stopping Power with New and Rebuilt Brake Calipers by Zip


Upgrade Your Corvette's Stopping Power with New and Rebuilt Brake Calipers by Zip

Proper maintenance and repair of your Corvette’s braking system is a must! Zip Corvette has a full inventory of Corvette Brake Calipers and hardware to keep your Corvette running – and stopping – safe and smooth.

Check out Zip’s selection of New and Rebuilt Brake Calipers. Zip’s 1965-1982 New Delco Brake Calipers look OEM and perform even better! These new Delco casting calipers are the finest available. GM licensed calipers feature the correct Delco Moraine logo and script on caliper sides. Zip’s 1965-1982 Rebuilt Brake Calipers are cleaned, inspected and rebuilt with stainless steel sleeves, then reassembled using all-new OE components including pistons, springs, seals, bleeder screws and pad pins. Calipers are then pressure tested for a leak-free installation.

65-82 Rebuilt Brake Caliper

Zip also offers 1965-1982 Brake Caliper Seal Kits that include piston lip seal, piston dust boot and fluid passage o-rings for caliper halves. Upgrade your 1965-1982 Corvette’s rear brake calipers from the original lip seal design to the long lasting o-ring design pistons with a Front or Rear Caliper O-Ring Piston Conversion Kit. Zip also offers High Heat Seal Kits.

Everybody knows both time and heat cause your Corvette’s brake caliper piston seals to deteriorate. Both have the ability to dry out the rubber and cause them to crack when the brake pedal is applied. OEM rubber seals are designed for approx 347 degrees. Zip’s new high performance, High Heat Silicone Caliper Seals will withstand temperatures in excess of 550 degrees. Meaning more reliable, longer lasting caliper seals for your disc brake caliper system.

G-LOC Performance Brakes

Zip Corvette is also pleased to stock G-LOC Performance Brakes for 2014-2021 Corvettes. Zip recommends G-LOC brake pads for Corvette owners who want the greatest performance from their C7-C8 Corvette’s factory engineered brake system. G-LOC brake pads allow for fine tuning your Corvette’s braking characteristics depending on your specific application and use. From street to race, G-LOC has you covered!

With more than 20,000 Corvette Parts in-stock and ready to ship, Zip has what you need to keep your Corvette looking and running its best.

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