[VIDEO] Corvette Enthusiast Helps a Special Needs Student Start the First Day of School


[VIDEO] Corvette Enthusiast Helps a Special Needs Student Start the First Day of School

Photo Credits: Anthony Guiteau / Facebook

The school year got off to a memorable start this week for a San Antonio, Texas middle schooler, thanks to the owner of a new C8 Corvette.

After a long wait, Anthony Guiteau, a technical sergeant for the 149th Texas Air National Guard at Lackland, finally picked up his brand new 2021 Torch Red Stingray about a month ago and decided to share his good fortune with others.

That’s when he made this special post on Facebook:

**NISD Only**August 23-First Day of School

Would any parent of a Middle or High Schooler want me to drop them off to their first day of school preferably a child who has anxiety going into the new year or has been bullied in the past years. I want to be able to provide them with a pep talk as we ride into the new year in style. Our children are our future and would love to help motivate in anyway I can. No charge of course ❤️ obviously limited to one spot. So please if you truly feel this would help hit me up. ❤️

After receiving hundreds of submissions, including one from single mother Sherrika Clay, Guiteau chose her son, 13-year-old Marcus Clay, an eighth-grader who is autistic, ADHD combined, and suffers from anxiety, especially in social settings.


Monday morning, though, Marcus says he was “excited” and “felt good” to arrive at Dr. Joe J. Bernal Middle School riding in style in the Adrenaline Red seats of his new friend’s Corvette, with the top removed and the sun shining in.

“I just wanted to give him an opportunity to bring some shine to him,” Guiteau explained to a reporter for KSAT-TV. “It’s a cruel world sometimes, and we wanted to be positive at all times and always, always take care of your mother, always first, and do great.”

Marcus says his goal this year is to make all A’s and trying hard in all his classes.

You can watch the heart-warming news video from KSAT:


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