[ACCIDENT] C8 Owner Flips Corvette While Out On A ‘Last Hurrah’ Before Selling It


[ACCIDENT] C8 Owner Flips Corvette While Out On A 'Last Hurrah' Before Selling It

Photo Credit: WINT

Here’s a piece of advice I learned a long time ago about selling Corvettes which goes something like this, “The second you decide to sell your Corvette is the moment that you start treating it as someone else’s.”

That’s a polite way of saying don’t do something stupid and causing the sale not to go through.

Unfortunately, a North Carolina man is learning that lesson the hard way after crashing his 2020 Corvette Stingray outside of Greenville, N.C.

Spencer Everette of Greenville, N.C. was selling his Corvette Stingray on Tuesday and decided to take it out for a “last hurrah.”

He told WITN Channel 7 that he pulled onto Highway 11 at Staton Mill Road and “gunned it” and the Corvette got away from him and he crashed into a ditch where it flipped. Emergency rescue crews were dispatched on Monday around 2:00 PM to find the car on its side.

[ACCIDENT] C8 Owner Flips Corvette While Out On A 'Last Hurrah' Before Selling It

Luckily, Everette was uninjured in the crash and a tow truck was dispatched to flip the vehicle back on its four wheels.

North Carolina’s Highway Patrol investigated the accident and charged Everette with reckless driving.

A Video posted to WINT’s Facebook page shows the painful moment the Corvette was flipped over:


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  1. Unfortunately, What the C8s are getting in resale are because of the high demand for them.
    But the wholesale blue book may not go by that and it could be thousands of dollars less when they settle the pay off on a totaled C8? So it maybe just one more lesson he may have to face?

  2. Left rear blinker still works, but I don’t think the rest of it is going to buff out. That’s one of those “Hey y’all, watch this” moments.

  3. Same thing happened to me, only I was the buyer. Back in about 1985 I made a deal early in the week on a ’70 LS5 coupe. Needed my Friday paycheck and was going to get the car Saturday. Seller went out bar hopping on Friday night (in my car) and managed crash it, wiping out three corners. He ended up selling me his wife’s base ’72 that I still have. Sad thing is, that ’72 is worth about one third what that LS5 car would be worth today. Life goes on.

  4. Blew the sale. Blew his driving record. Blew his insurance.

    Shyeah, gimme my money back, twat.

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