The Chevrolet Corvette Was the Fastest Selling New Car in July


The Chevrolet Corvette Was the Fastest Selling New Car in July

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We’re back at the top charts, baby!

After a one month hiatus from the list of fastest-selling new cars in June, the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette returns to the top position in July 2021, needing an average of just seven days to sell. That’s the fastest time to sell for any vehicle so far in 2021.

The Corvette also listed an impressive $86,785 average price for the month of July. That’s down slightly from May’s $87,390 but still a very positive sign for Chevrolet’s infamous bean counters who should be happy with that figure as it shows new buyers like their Corvettes loaded with options.

The Chevrolet Tahoe was the only other Bowtie-branded vehicle on the list, coming in at no. 17 and needed 13.5 days to sell.

iSeeCars analyzed over one million new and used cars sold in July 2021 and found that new cars are selling nearly a week faster than in June. While the avearage time to sell for all new vehicles is 35 days, these 20 vehicles are separated by just 6.5 days:

Top 20 Fastest Selling New Vehicles in July 2021

“Demand for the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette has exceeded supply since its launch for the 2020 model year,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “Dealers stopped taking orders for the 2021 model year in March, and demand remains so high that dealers are marking Corvettes up tens of thousands over MSRP.”

The Corvette failed to cracked the Top 20 when it came to used car sales for the first time in 2021 and iSeeCars says the overall demand for used cars has likely stabilized due to higher prices.

“The microchip shortage continues to impact new and used car sales as production interruptions lower the new car and used car supply and dealers are forced to maintain tight inventory levels,” said Brauer. “The faster selling time of new cars suggests that new car supply continues to outpace demand, while demand for used cars has stabilized, likely because of elevated prices.”

Top 20 Fastest Selling Used Vehicles in July 2021

“As demand continues to outpace supply for new cars, consumers should act quickly if they see their desired vehicle for sale,” said Brauer. “Consumers who have the option to wait may be able to find better new car incentives and lower used car prices once the market stabilizes, which likely won’t happen until the beginning of next year.”


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