[VIDEO] Why I Drive: Hagerty Showcases 1966 Corvette Passed from Father to Daughter


[VIDEO] Why I Drive: Hagerty Showcases 1966 Corvette Passed from Father to Daughter

A new episode of “Why I Drive” on Hagerty.com dropped this week showcasing an Ermine White 1966 Corvette Coupe and the owner, Leslie Sisco. Leslie inherited the Sting Ray from her father who purchased the car in 1968, and it’s been in the family ever since. When her father passed away in 2016, she became its new caretaker.

It’s a fantastic owner story and the visuals from the video make this a must-watch for any Corvette enthusiast who understands how these cars are more than just a means of transportation…they are part of the family.

The story goes that her parents were both in medical school and one weekend while his wife was out of town, Mr. Sisco convinced his mother to co-sign a loan for a preowned 1966 Corvette. Apparently, Mrs. Sisco wasn’t happy about the purchase at all. “When Mom came home, she found herself the new owner of a Corvette,” says Leslie, “and Dad nearly found himself divorced.” Luckily, it never went that far and the Corvette would be Mr. Sisco’s daily driver until the 1980s (when it was replaced with a DeLorean).

[VIDEO] Why I Drive: Hagerty Showcases 1966 Corvette Passed from Father to Daughter

Like any kid that grew up with a C2 Corvette in the family, she remembers those road trips of riding in the back of the Corvette. Leslie recalls the fond memories of trips to her grandmother’s house in the Corvette while she would lie in the back looking out the Coupe’s rear window as they made their way.

Prior to his passing, Leslie recounts her father asking about the car and if she would want the responsibility for taking it over once he was gone and she readily agreed. One of the updates he told her the car needed was a repaint, as the original Ermine White paint was showing its years in some places. Although she pledged to do this, after his passing and talking with other Corvette owners, she determined to keep the car as original as possible, including the old paint.

[VIDEO] Why I Drive: Hagerty Showcases 1966 Corvette Passed from Father to Daughter

Then there is the unique smell that comes with a 50+ years-old Corvette that’s never been restored:

“I probably like the smell the most,” says Leslie. “It’s a mixture between gas and vinyl and what I can only describe as the years of grass my dad tracked in there from the golf course. It’s just one more connection to him.”

The story of Leslie’s White ’66 Corvette and the connection it provides to her late father is very similar to my own Corvette story, so this video really hit home for us. I hope you watched it and for even more, go read the entire article and view more pics at hagerty.com.


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  1. I have the same car same color! It has 47,000 original miles and yes the smell so cool thanks for this article! I think I’ll go sit in it right now:)

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