[VIDEO] First Time Corvette Buyer is Very Excited to Own a Torch Red C7 Convertible


[VIDEO] First Time Corvette Buyer is Very Excited to Own a Torch Red C7 Convertible

Do you remember the excitement of buying your first Corvette?

Nearly 40 years after buying my first – a three-year-old red ’80 model in September 1983 – I definitely remember.

Now thanks to the wonder called the internet, we all can share the joy of another first-time Corvette owner, a fellow named Bob from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bob caught the bug last summer during a trip to the National Corvette Museum, where he saw rows of new C8s on the Corvette Boulevard. He did a little snooping around the internet once he got home and found the Brink of Speed channel on YouTube that focuses on Corvettes.

Ironically, that channel ultimately led Bob to his first Corvette, a 2016 3LT Torch Red convertible owned by Mark, who makes frequent appearances on the Brink of Speed channel, including one episode where he was lamenting about possibly selling his car to Enterprise to make way for a new C8 convertible.

Bob was watching and reached out to Mike, who runs the Brink of Speed channel where he showcases his own wrapped “Captain America” C8.

A recent video on the channel follows Bob’s visit to see Mark’s C7 Corvette, where we find the two men agree on red rear spoiler as well as the chrome wheels that adorn the Stingray. “Go chrome or go home,” as Mark emphatically puts it.

[VIDEO] First Time Corvette Buyer is Very Excited to Own a Torch Red C7 Convertible

After a test drive, Bob comes back sure that he wants to finalize the purchase the following day. After all, how could someone turn down Mark’s spotless C7 that he had just spent hours shining and polishing in anticipation of Bob’s visit?

In fact, Mark even shares some cleaning accessories to make sure his baby is well taken care of in the coming years.

The two men agreed on a price of $56,500 – which is amazing to us for a five-year-old car. Back before the C8s were roaming the streets, this car would have been much cheaper. While some may complain that new Corvettes are going for $20,000 or more above their MSRP, the good news for owners of other generations is that apparently the C8 has pulled the prices upward for them, too. Have you checked out the prices of C7 Z06s lately?

“I’m kinda sad that I’m not going to see this after tomorrow,” Mark laments of his C7 beauty. “This really was my dream car when I got it – I just love this car.”

Of course, knowing it’s going to a good home is likely to be soothing to Mark as he watches Bob drive off with back-to-back exclamations of an enthusiastic “First Corvette, baby!” for the Brink of Speed camera.

Congratulations, Bob, on taking the plunge into Corvette ownership!

Brink of Speed / YouTube

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