New York State Attempts to Auction a Recovered Stolen Corvette Again


New York State Attempts to Auction a Recovered Stolen Corvette Again

Photo Credit: NY Office of General Services

Looking for a Corvette that once was literally Red Hot but now is just the factory shade of Torch Red?

Then you might want to check out this online auction coming up later this month.

And the owner isn’t who you might be expecting.

It seems that this 2015 Torch Red Corvette Stingray coupe, complete with black stinger hood and 460-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine, has a somewhat checkered past.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles took possession of the car after noticing discrepancies in the application when someone tried to register it in that state. During a subsequent in-person interview with the new owner, DMV investigators discovered that the Corvette had been stolen and now had an altered VIN.

By then, however, the dealership had recovered the value of the car from insurance and declined to pick it up, allowing the DMV to auction off the car.

New York State Attempts to Auction a Recovered Stolen Corvette Again

A first attempt to sell the car back in early June ended with a high bid of $32,300 for the Stingray, which has just 31,320 miles on the odometer (hopefully that’s correct!).

But that deal fell through, so now the New York Office of General Services is planning another online auction on Monday, July 26 at 9:30 a.m.

If you’d like to bid on the car, you first have to register at


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  1. Hmm, reminds me of the late 90’s I knew of a guy who owned a savage yard who got caught with a bunch of Vettes of questionable pedigree on his property. The DMV showed up after a ZR1 which had been sold out-of-state and it’s new owner had an unusual air-bag problem. He brought it to his local Chevy dealer and they found a problem with some of the wiring in the air-bag circuit. When the dealer notified Chevrolet of the safety concern, a vehicle history search was done. Interestingly the car had been a stolen recovery a year earlier, where the records showed that only a raw frame had been recovered. But miraculously, the car had all it’s original VIN’ed parts back on it.

    Turns out the savage yard owner for had his son steal the car, then they stripped it and left the shell to found. He later bought the shell back at auction for more than anyone else was willing to pay…afterall, he had all the parts to put it back together!

    Once the DMV had a search warrant, they found two Corvettes with the same VIN on his property and VIN stamping tools. Who knows how long he’d up to these nefarious dealings!

  2. Sorry, but I wouldn’t touch that car for any amount. Too many sketchy details to sort out.

  3. Ya good luck with that nightmare. Maybe for REALLY cheap. Less then 30k. So can it be legally registered now??

  4. Either repaint it and turn it into a cop car, or use it strictly as a race car you tow to and from the track. Otherwise, the same problems will continue unless they can guarantee some sort of waiver because of the circumstances (which I seriously doubt).

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