[VIDEO] The Corvette Mechanic Paul Koerner Discusses Engines and Oil Catch Cans


[VIDEO] The Corvette Mechanic Paul Koerner Discusses Engines and Oil Catch Cans

A few months back we waded into the debate of whether or not your Corvette needs a catch can after sharing a video of a mechanic adding one to his mid-engine LT2 V8. As I didn’t really have an opinion of them at the time, I thought maybe to ask my friend Paul about them the next time I saw him.

Turns out that I don’t have to wait until Corvettes of Carlisle to ask the Corvette Mechanic Paul Koerner about catch cans as he offered up one of his longest videos on the subject.

Paul pulls out the diagrams of various Corvette and Camaro/CTS engines and even utilizes a C8 Corvette’s oil pump and a C7 Corvette Z06 to illustrate his points. The bottom line is that if you have a dry-sump lubrication system, you already have a catch can:

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  1. Regarding the C8, my question is in regard to the PCV valve. Does the exit from the PCV valve to into that oil tank, or does it go straight into the intake manifold like in most cars? If it goes into the manifold, then the “catch can” built into the oil tank isn’t intercepting those vapors at all.

  2. Regarding the C8 2021 , my question is with the
    Transmission and if you have any input and
    guidance on what the dealership should be doing
    For the customer when having serious issues
    Sadly the car only has 700 miles before getting towed to them . Unfortunately the dealer is still waiting for answers from GM to what happened

  3. But… I have a C7 Z06 and when I replaced the throttle body with a ported one, there was a fair bit of oil in the throttle body and intake just before the throtte body. I’ve never let anyone change my oil and I’ve never over-filled the oil. Later when I added a cold air intake, or had the intake off for other reasons, I did not see any oil to speak of on the ported throttle body.
    So, I am not sure what this means. Perhaps the oil was over filled at the factory. Or perhaps when I saw this it was after some high rpm driving. However, there has never been any oil in the throttle body after that first time, so I’m not really convinced it was just due to high RPMs.

  4. My C7 Dry Sump has a catch can installed. Every oil change I empty a couple table spoons of oil. Not much for 1000 miles but is cheap insurance against coking the intake valves.

  5. Both the video and the comments make a lot of sense. Some of the Corvette content sites advocate the catch can, so I bought one but haven’t installed it. My key question concerns the C8 owners pulling their catch cans at 1000 miles and at 2 and even 3,000 miles. They show a couple of tablespoons of oil (etc.) collected by the can. Is it possible that under certain RPM, the catch can performs a service that the dry sump system does not?

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