Following Plant Closures, GM Cancels the Final Allocation Cycle for 2021 Corvette Orders


Following Plant Closures, GM Cancels the Final Allocation Cycle for 2021 Corvette Orders

With the Corvette Assembly Plant shut down over parts shortages in May and June, we’ve been waiting to see how General Motors was going to handle the remaining allocations for the 2021 Corvette model year.

The two choices for the automaker would be to extend the model year to make up for the lost production weeks, or to issue less (or none) allocations and stick to the planned production schedule. Dealers were expecting one more allocation cycle in June, and now GM has decided to call the current model year a wrap and is sticking with its plans to start the 2022 model year in early September.

With that decision now made, we know that the 2021 model year will be seeing fewer Corvettes produced than anticipated.

What that means for current order holders still waiting on their cars is that some of you won’t be receiving a 2021 Corvette. The memo says that GM is committed to building those Corvettes who are at Event Status 3000 and above, and they reiterated that they are not planning on canceling any accepted 2021 Mode year Corvette orders that are at 3000 or above. However, if you are under status 3000, it looks like your Corvette will not be built for the 2021 model year.

In a guidance memo to dealers (reprinted below), the FAQ says that 2021 customers under event status code 3000 “will have to consider placing an order with the dealer for a 2022 model year depending on where they are in the ordering process.”

Following Plant Closures, GM Cancels the Final Allocation Cycle for 2021 Corvette Orders

GM states that the current unplanned parts shortages are not semiconductor chips and refuses to tell dealers specifically the issues affecting the production schedule. The parts shortage has been widely attributed to TREMEC’s supply of the dual-clutch transmission which is assembled in Michigan but requires parts sourced from Mexico and elsewhere. However, that is what we call the “word on the street” and it’s unconfirmed at this time.

In the memo, GM also tells dealers the allocation methodology will be changing in the 2022 model year with the Corvette joining other Chevrolet products that use the Available Days’ Supply (ADS) allocation. What this means to those dealers who have worked to build their volumes over the last few years will remain to be seen. We know that Corvette used the ADM method back in the early C6 days, but at some point, allocations evolved into the “turn and earn” which saw dealers get more cars based on sales. Again, we’ll be taking a closer look at this new allocation strategy at a future date.

So to sum it up, those at 3000 status with their 2021 orders should get a car, but those under 3000 will need to work with their dealers to get a spot on their 2022 lists. As for price protection, I would say that’s not going to happen this time around and as 2022 pricing hasn’t been set yet, we expect there will be some very unhappy folks out there who may end up throwing their arms in the air and will just walk away. I would stress that these shutdowns are not the fault of General Motors, but how they handle customers moving forward is all on them.

Following Plant Closures, GM Cancels the Final Allocation Cycle for 2021 Corvette Orders

Statement MY21 Corvette Production – Withdrawal of June Outlook Guidance

In order to maintain start of production for the 2022 model year Corvette Stingray in late Q3, and as a result of continued unplanned part shortages not related to the industry-wide semiconductor availability issues, General Motors has had to make an adjustment in the number of Corvette Stingrays available for the 2021 model year.

As a result, we are withdrawing our June “Outlook” estimate as published in the most recent allocation guide. We are not planning on canceling any accepted 2021 model year Corvette Stingray orders (event code 3000 and above). Additionally, as we move into the third model year of the mid-engine Corvette, we will evolve to the Available Days’ Supply (ADS) allocation methodology used for all Chevrolet allocation groups, eliminating the need for any special allocation guides.


Q: You have said a few times that you are experiencing temporary part shortages. What parts are affecting production?
A: We’re not going to get into specifics other than to acknowledge this is NOT related to the industry-wide semiconductor shortage.

Q: How many vehicles did you have to remove from the build plan?
A: We do not provide specific volume and production estimates for any of our vehicles.

Q: What does this mean for customers who are below event code 3000?
A: They will have to consider placing an order with the dealer for a 2022 model year Corvette Stingray depending on where they are in the ordering process.

Q: How many customers will have to switch their orders to a 2022 model year Corvette Stingray?
A: Customers are going to have to work with their individual dealer to determine whether they will need to order a 2022 model year Corvette Stingray.

Q: Will MY 22 C8 allocation move to ADS like all other Chevy allocation groups?
A: Yes, for the third model year of the mid-engine Corvette, model year 2022 allocation will evolve into the Available Days’ Supply (ADS) allocation methodology like all other Chevy allocation groups.


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  1. “The parts shortage has been widely attributed to TREMEC’s supply of the dual-clutch transmission which is assembled in Michigan but requires parts sourced from Mexico and elsewhere. However, that is what we call the “word on the street” and it’s unconfirmed at this time.”



    Haha. Hah. Ha.

    And they can’t and won’t reveal the real reason for the now-comical delays in production.


  2. Mary is proving that she could not run a yard sale. To totally screw up the manufacturing of the most sought after American car probably ever should cost her ,her job. Or at least get her sent to China to over see the slave labor camps that will be making the EVette

  3. Bill. You nailed it! This is absolutely Mary Barra’s fault. She is incapable of doing her job in an effective manor. GM has steadily declined since her tenure began. She is also playing politics by aligning GM and herself with the Biden administration strictly to get government funding aka taxpayer’s money to jump on the EV bandwagon. And those EV’S are horrible for the environment and for the labor force who will have to collect rare earth minerals for the batteries that go into those vehicles.

  4. GM has officially jumped the shark! They are a laughing stock! The C8 is one of the most popular models GM has ever come out with and many people can’t get one! It’s one excuse after another with GM. And they are not being honest or upfront about what is actually going on. I feel bad for the individuals who have waited patiently and still have not received a C8.

  5. We just really can’t blame GM entirely on the issues plaguing the C8. I have over 400 clients that I deal with on a business level from plumbers to bakers, everyone across the board in the USA is suffering these types of issues with goods and employee shortages. Covid AND free money to workers have began to tank our economy, inflation is here for the next couple years until from the stock market to housing this bubble will burst. We were on a good track with the previous administration, and now we suffer and become as dependent as we can on our can’t do anything right, government. I’m not ready for electric 300 miles per charge vehicles ever, and that’s why this new C8 could very easily be the last chance to enjoy the world as we know it automotively. Open borders will trash this country beyond belief and windmills suck, good luck to all and I hope our C8 dreams eventually become true.

  6. Fire the Bitch, get someone to run the company, take the business away from the taco benders in mexico, and build corvettes. I am about ready to cancel my order. I have never seen such a poorly run organization as the way the Bitch Barra has run this process into the ground.

  7. I said in the past in 79 49,000 Vette’s were made in 84 53,000 vettes were made this idiot should have been prepared to make 50,000 a year. Have you ever seen a hotdog vendor run out of dogs at the county fair? No they know how many to bring through hot dog research. It’s embarrassing that Indy was paced by a car that can not be reliably produced

  8. D.P
    I think you all have no idea the issues in manufacturing right now and for the last year. Armchair CEO’s.

  9. I read ‘vette blog’ almost every day and Ya’ll are the most pitiful bunch of crybabies I have heard… Ya’ll are like the babies crying about not having a job while standing next to a Help Wanted sign.. Don’t be wussys , if you want a car , Click BUY IT NOW !!!…….. duh huh …. the C8 is so under priced that the solution to suppy an demand is raise the sticker price.. I expect starting price to rise to @ $100K and upgrades to double…… BUY IT NOW !!!! clk it and enjoy life…….ps-i rolled 14K on my satin rapid blu wrapped(by Master Wrap,Jville) C8 last week and I wager the seller wishes he had it back ,,, I am so glad I clicked ,,, BUY IT NOW , last May……..peace to all 🙂 bill

  10. I guess we can kiss the Z06 goodbye for next year, this whole thing has been a big disappointment.

  11. Patience is running thin. At least they could have given everyone a date that had one on order even if it’s a 22 when and if it will be built. First they set allotments and now they want to give more to bigger dealers. That’s BS. I am waiting just like everyone else.

  12. Mr. Ganas – I know that car. My buddy down in Fernandina unloaded it for what he could after he blew past redline on a downshift and destroyed the original tranny. Hope it holds together for you…

  13. Larry,
    I ordered mine in October of 2019, built on 12/21/2020 (Xmas Star), delivered to me on 1/28/2021. I waited, and waited and….. waited also. (Google December 21st Xmas Star, Jupiter and Saturn come together, the planets lined up for me)

    I live in California and bought it from Kerbeck in New Jersey. What cost me 78K MSRP I have seen the same exact build at a dealership in So. California for 126K. Yep, 48K mark up. This is also the same dealership that accepted my courtesy delivery. Funny how my car was “hidden” at the dealership with the window sticker build and price on it until I picked it up. I have a good friend that works there I have known for 40 years now.

    With tax, license, registration and courtesy delivery ($500) to a dealer in Calif it came to 89K. I am also in disbelief that my auto insurance only went up $84.00 a month

    Maybe this is why GM wants the bigger dealers that sell them at MSRP to get most of them? I don’t think GM is happy with some of the crazy huge dealer mark ups. I do feel the car is worth more than I paid for it. And I am a guy that has had my share of 911’s

    I do feel for you guys. I own a business in manufacturing and install and it is has been a fricken bitch the last year, and now we have to deal with inflation for materials going thru the roof.

    I bet the price of the C8 will be increased for 2022, everything is going up and we may be headed for hyper inflation. The current administration in DC is adding fuel to the fire.

    I hope all you guys get the car sooner or later you want, even if you do pay a little more, it is worth more based on what is the comparable alternatives.


  14. Billy,
    I paid an extra $1200 I forgot to mention to extend the warranty up to 60K due to the electronics and that DCT tranny.


  15. I am on a waiting list with Corvette Mike, I am going to write off getting one in 2022 and now plan on 2023, when hopefully the new Z06 will be available. I will just have to “Rough it out” and drive my 2010 Z06 for a while longer! Might be a good problem to have! I agree with others, the supply chain is currently a mess!

  16. From the “What it’s Worth” department: I work at a large auto auction in Arizona and have seen 7 2020s sold (none below 93K). Today, 06-03-2021, 2 2021s went across the block with neither selling. The high bid was 111K.

  17. Ya’ll cry babies !! Shucks naww we’aal just a bunch of people with $100,000 dollars to buy a car we really don’t need. We all driver her on down to da waffle king and hang out.

  18. GM meanwhile presses forward on rolling out a fleet of EVs. Can’t let Ford stay ahead. The good news for you future EV C8 buyers is that the tax credit increases to at most $12500. Thank God for the guy that lives in the WH basement.

  19. OK, Tremec shortages, not semiconductor. Got it.

    So they are switching over to the 2022 model early which uses…wait for it…Trermec?

    Personally, I see a price increase for 2022, and they are shoving as many people to the 2022 early for a money grab.

  20. The new administration running our country is causing all of this. Their motto “if we don’t have the need to switch to a more greener society, then we’ll create it” with that said I believe they are doing a very nice job. Take everything away from us, let us beg the government along the way to support us, as we crash and burn and blame others (GM in this case) for issues along the way. Makes no sense.

  21. taxman: Hey, Biden is a Corvette guy. You really think he wants this? Gimme a break, man.

  22. Bud Barnes: Biden isn’t picking on any particular industry or Corvette, no one said that. Keystone Pipeline out, Anwar northern Alaska out, thousands of people out of work in industries with pay grades above minimum wage stagnant. What he has done or doing is slowing the supply chains everywhere, that translates into INFLATION, period. We were paying 6.00 for a 2×4 piece of wood, at Lowes now 15.00 a piece, gas 5.59 a gallon in many parts of CA, crazy just to mention a few. Go try and buy a new Refridgerator. 6 months out if Samsung or LG. What are they screwed up like many have said GM is running the C8 ?

  23. The entire manufacturing system is a mess! And it’s being aggravated by incompetent leadership and…….. greed. Manufacturing has been slowed down everywhere. EVERYTHING is headed up the inflation highway by design!

  24. billy , tell Ronny to call me. We might buy several this year together…heeheee and , i’ve downshifted with my leg and hi rev’d… SOoooooo Wat ! heeeeheeee I’m gonna make it my Truck after I buy the next 2 …from a dealer or Ebay…don’t matter……Time is my most valuable item , money in the bank ain’t really yours until you get it out of the bank , but the C8 is tangible and brings me Pleasure, every day…. and ,and,&&&&& it’s much less expensive than she was ….(baby ,I was jus kidding) fyi- I recently saw a truck load of C8s leave the truck stop at I75 & Exit 11 , in Ga…I hope some of ya’ll have a prize coming -best to alll…….b

  25. Those who are picking on Mary are showing how profoundly ignorant they are. The economic world doesn’t revolve around you or a sports car that sells a couple thousand copies or so per month. Mary’s job is to keep the shareholders (not you, sorry) happy and she is doing just that. Put down your Car and Driver and read the Wall Street Journal for a change, and you’ll see, for example, that GM’s stock is doing great. Why? Because they’re doing things like keeping pickup truck plants open instead of having the usual summer shutdowns. Pickups are vehicles that make money, unlike low volume niche cars, and in spite of some peoples’ fantasies that car companies are in business to make sports cars, they are actually in business for one reason only — to make money.

  26. Don Cuento, she got her job based on her gender not merit. And her inability to run GM has been on full display for all to see. She is incompetent and completely clueless when it’s comes to running a massive company like GM. She is absolutely and completely responsible for all these issues that exist within GM these days. It’s starts at the top and trickles down from there. Nobody respects her because she has done nothing to earn that respect In the first place. She is awful at her job and it shows!

  27. Get a clue Don! The Corvette has made GM massive amounts of money over the years. It’s the most expensive vehicle GM makes. Not to mention most Corvette owners buy those cars with cash and rarely finance. And they also buy more than one, and many of them have entire Corvette collections.

  28. Jay, at least Mary is eminently better qualified than you. She’s an electrical engineer, has an MBA from Stanford, and she has tons of engineering, manufacturing, and business experience — from assembly line worker to VP positions at various divisions.
    K.G. — SMH — it’s clear that you are not in business yourself. You stepped right in it when you said “rarely finance.” Ask a car dealer/company that sells car financing (e.g., GM) which type of customer represents a more profitable sale? And, maybe they’re a bit cheaper (not by a lot, though), but Silverados alone have, in the past 4 years (2+ million units) outsold Corvettes in the past 68 years (fewer than 2 million units).

  29. Derek, those qualifications are useless if they aren’t being applied properly and in an efficient manner. Mary is incapable of doing that. Simply put she and GM are not delivering what they promised to the customers.

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