[PICS] The NBA’s Jordan Clarkson Shoots and Scores a Customized C8 Corvette Convertible


[PICS] The NBA's Jordan Clarkson Shoots and Scores a Customized C8 Corvette Convertible

I first saw pics of this custom C8 Corvette over the weekend and finally traced it back to Champion Motoring on Instagram. The customized Corvette belongs to NBA player Jordan Clarkson who currently plays for the Utah Jazz. When I saw this was a professional basketball player’s car, I immediately looked up his bio and he is listed as 6’4″, so kudos to the Corvette team once again for engineering a sports car for the bigger fellas.

We’re not sure about the motivation in color change, but the new color reminds us of our old 1979 Corvette that was painted “Corvette Light Beige” with a tan interior. Clarkson’s Stingray Convertible looks way better than that old C3 of ours but only because of the canvas he started with. Based on the Instagram tags, the car has been wrapped with the 3M color “Gloss Ivory” by Champion Motoring of San Diego who went the extra mile and even wrapped the door jams for a seamless look.

[PICS] The NBA's Jordan Clarkson Shoots and Scores a Customized C8 Corvette Convertible

The Stingray Convertible’s near monochrome visuals are broken up by the dark tinted windows and while the side intake “boomerangs” and the rear Z51 spoiler are also wrapped in Gloss Ivory. However, the Stingray’s engine vent is carbon flash while the 5VM aero kit adds a bit of Carbon Fiber to the overall look of the car.

The Corvette Stingray was built with a 3LT trim package featuring a dipped Morello Red interior which does lend itself nicely to the Glossed Ivory exterior and while that look isn’t something that excites us, we do like the staggered stance provided by the 21/22″ Forgiato custom wheels.

If the name “Champion Motoring” is ringing a bell, they also customized the C8 Corvette owned by hip hop artist Boozie whose car was Black with black wheels on one side and Arctic White with white wheels on the other.

Champion Motoring / Instagram

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  1. I’m not crazy about the wrap, does nothing for me (I’m sure many wouldn’t like my choices either) but I really like the “Dipped Morello Red” interior. When I ordered my 2020 C8 I really had no idea what the Interior & Exterior would actually look like, especially the Morello Red. I went with “Adrenaline Red” interior and now kicking myself for not going with that Morello Red instead of Adrenaline Red. I think it looks so much richer than most of the other color interiors. I guess hindsight is always 20/20…….

  2. NOT CRAZY over the color of the wrap but it still looks better than some of the corvette colors are you listening GM .

  3. I like J. Clarkson, former Laker who has continued to improve his game. My dislike for the exterior is that it makes a supercar look like some sort mid-life Monte Carlo. I know that red has been part of Corvette since 1963. The growth in the size of the interior makes red an over-the-top color. That includes most red off-shoots. Thus, Jordon, over all your ride may not be stolen because it looks so bad!

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