HSV/Walkinshaw Adopts Hands-Off Policy For Creating an ‘Aussie Version’ of the C8 Corvette


HSV/Walkinshaw Adopts Hands-Off Policy For Creating an 'Aussie Version' of the C8 Corvette

Good enough for America, good enough for the whole world.

That might be the way General Motors is looking at its new eighth-generation Corvette soon to be roaring on the roads of Australia.

Torquecafe.com reports that Walkinshaw Automotive Group – which over the years has made upgrades to every HSV model and the Chevy Camaro and Silverado – won’t be doing its own enhanced version of the mid-engine Stingray.

“I think GM are very precious about touching their Corvette,” Walkinshaw designer Julian Quincey said recently at the launch of the Walkinshaw-modified Volkswagen Amarok WS80.

The new Corvette will arrive in Australia for the first time ever with right-hand drive controls already installed at Chevy’s Bowling Green, Kentucky factory – likely the only modification the car will see Down Under. That would be similar to the way the Camaro was earlier treated in Australia, with the only modification being the switch to RHD there with no other ride or handling changes for local roads.

Torquecafe.com says “a small window of opportunity” does exist for Walkinshaw Performance to create aftermarket performance upgrades, including engine upgrades, exhaust kits, and unique performance components the way it has for several models, including the Camaro, Silverado, Holden Colorado, and Holden Commodore VE and VF.

But any such kits for the C8 would probably require GM approval, according to Walkinshaw engineer David Kermond.

“I think there are a lot of options there for Walkinshaw Performance to be able to, but it’s a GMSV product, a GM product, so on some level they will have to give their blessing,” Kermond said. “From an engineering point-of-view, it’s not for me to make a comment on that.”

So what do you think? Should Walkinshaw be allowed to “improve” on the Corvette, or is its 495-horsepower LT2 engine good enough already?


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