[PICS] Digital Artist In the U.K. Creates a C8 Widebody Concept Corvette


[PICS] Digital Artist In the U.K. Creates a C8 Widebody Concept Corvette

To each his own, goes the old saying.

That maxim is worth repeating about the new C8 Corvette. While Chevy has come up with numerous options for its customers straight from the factory or dealer, there are still plenty of inspirational changes coming from the aftermarket.

The rendering of a widebody mid-engine Stingray we show you today can’t be purchased anywhere yet, but the artist who posted it to Instagram (@carmstyledesign1) hopes it will “go on your office or garage wall to give you inspiration.”

We like the look overall, especially the much larger front splitter and the side skirts that go from wheel to wheel that are all trimmed in red. Another nice touch is the tall and thin rear spoiler, done in black, that seems to be attached to the car only in the middle, unlike the factory high wing spoiler that is attached in four places.

The dark accents continue with black roof finish, black trim outlining the side intake, and black wheels with spokes widely spaced apart so you can admire the big brakes. The artist also added a triangular black vent just behind each of the front wheels that accents the front end that also includes a new grille and bumper treatment.

It’s hard for us to get a good feel for the new rear end treatment in the rendering, but it appears that a new lower bumper section and diffuser have been added. We’d like to see a straight-on rearview to get a better idea.

So, would you make these changes to your C8, or just be content with the way it left the Bowling Green factory?

carmstyledesign1 / Instagram via GM AUthority

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  1. As a Corvette nut myself, I think this concept of the C8 is a much better looking car than the body still of the current C8.

  2. From what I saw, hell yes. The C8 is just asking for a wide body look, just like the Grand Sport wide body. Friggen awesome!

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