[VIDEO] First Customer C8 Corvette with CORSA’s Xtreme Sound Exhaust System


[VIDEO] First Customer C8 Corvette with CORSA's Xtreme Sound Exhaust System

Earlier this month CORSA Performance unveiled their new line-up of exhaust systems for the C8 Corvette. We know that many of you have said you wanted a louder system on your mid-engine Corvette, so pay attention to this new video from Riley at RP Productions.

Riley says he’s been working with CORSA for several years and that relationship has paid off in the form of him being the first customer to install the new Xtreme Sound cat-bat exhaust system (or at least the first to post it to YouTube.) As we covered in the CORSA launch article, they offer multiple exhaust systems for the C8 Corvette based on whether or not the car came from the factory with the NPP Performance Exhaust System.

Non NPP Xtreme Sound Level Cat-Back Exhaust System

As his new Rapid Blue 2021 Corvette is a non-Z51 car without the NPP, Riley went with the non-AFM Xtreme Sound Level Cat-Back system with the round polished exhaust tips that retails for $1,999.99. The YouTuber shows the kit laid out on a table prior to installing and the system doesn’t have any mufflers, just the cat-backs and an X-Pipe.

Riley had the install done at a speed shop and after they were finished, he offers us a chance to get hear it for ourselves. His first impression of the new sound from the exhaust as he’s driving is that “you can finally hear it now…heck yeah…man, it’s so deep.” After days and about 300-400 miles later, he returns to the car to give his opinion and says that the only thing he would change is to go to the version with the AFM which helps to cut down on the drone from the exhaust when your driving at speed on the highway.

CORSA says the Xtreme Sound system offers an additional 18 horsepower and 16 lb-ft of torque and it’s a whopping 13 decibels louder than the stock Tenneco system.

We know many swear by their CORSA exhausts on previous generations so let us know what your thoughts are on their new C8 Corvette systems.

RP Productions / YouTube

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  1. Had Corsas on my C5 – great sound. My C7 sounds like grandma’s kitty kat in purr mode, even when in sport or track mode. Can see getting Corsas down the road, but other financial needs will have to take priority. Corsa is better than Borla any day on any car – my humble opinion.

  2. installed the street version lingenfelter /corsa exhuast with mufflers , poor fit (2 egg shaped connections, had to use press to make round left side muffler hanger welded in wrong place had to bend it, fiberglass panel wont fit had to cut out 2 sections and put spacers 5/16 thick ) otherwise a nice exhaust, 2020 vert z51 elkhart blue

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