Play Corvette Trivia On Your Alexa Device


Play Corvette Trivia On Your Alexa Device

“Alexa, Play Corvette Trivia.”

Just by saying those four words, users of Amazon Alexa virtual assistant devices will now be able to test their knowledge of Corvette trivia.

The new game is the result of brainstorming staff members at the National Corvette Museum who were trying to come up with innovative ways to engage patrons who might not be able to visit the facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky because of the pandemic.

“The tech committee was brainstorming ways to engage with our enthusiasts and we were talking about different games you can do through Amazon, so we looked up what it would take to build some skills,” said Chris Huffman, IT Operations Manager at the National Corvette Museum. “One thing led to another and we created the trivia game.”

Basically, if you have Alexa, you can join the Corvette Trivia game with the simple verbal command mentioned above, with Alexa then asking a series of Corvette history questions and keeping up with the points you earn with correct answers. Alexa also will then provide more facts about the topic of the question. As in baseball, three incorrect answers and you’re out, but you can keep playing the trivia game as many times as you want.

To keep things interesting for players who use the app multiple times, Deb Howard of the NCM staff will be updating questions on a regular basis. “We think our audience will enjoy mastering the questions and answers, so we’re excited to freshen those up, giving them the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of Corvette and keep them entertained,” Howard said.

Corvette Trivia joins the NCM’s Vettcademy, a web-based educational video series launched in 2020 that provided information on maintaining Corvettes and the history of Chevy’s sports car and the Museum itself.

More high-tech features are in the works, too, with the staff currently working on the development of augmented reality and virtual reality applications with Corvette themes.

“We’re excited and hope to roll out some new interactive offerings for our exhibits later this year,” Huffman said. Some GM vehicles also feature an onboard Amazon Alexa AI assistant, making it possible for enthusiasts to test their knowledge of the Corvette inside a GM vehicle.

National Corvette Museum

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