Triple the Corvette Trivia for Shelter in Place


Triple the Corvette Trivia for Shelter in Place

A good part of this job revolves around providing people with an escape from real life. Now more than ever, this is very important. If you have already exhausted all of our reading, viewing, and even coloring material, along with all of your puzzles and current episodes of Guy’s Tournament of Champions (not quite scratching my March Madness itch) you are in luck because here we are with some reinforcements.

Corvette trivia had become a fan favorite in the Quick Shifts column but there has been so much C8 news around the net that it has been squeezed out several weeks running now. In our latest attempt to humor those of you who aren’t entertained by sheltering in place, we have made for you, three brand new Corvette (or Corvette-adjacent) trivia games.

New Corvette Trivia Games

The first game will take you through a slideshow of Corvette Engines. All you have to do is hit “Play” then start typing. Answers are pretty easy here, we are just looking for engine codes. Type something like L88, LS6, or even Blue Flame 6 and if it is correct, the game will automatically move on to the next slide. Click here to play, good luck!

New game #2 sticks with the engine theme but this time we are asking you to pick other GM vehicles running Corvette power out of a lineup. For this one, just click play, wait for a clue, and then click the correct car in the collage to move on to the next clue. Test your knowledge here.

Finally, we have the long-awaited third installment of the “Movie Cars” trilogy! It all started with Corvettes in Movies, then moved on to Hollywood’s go-to “try to make the driver look cool” car, the Mustang, and now we have a mixture of GM’s best and most muscular offerings. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to present Camaros, Chevelles, and El Caminos in Movies! This quiz returns to the slideshow format, see how many of the movies featuring these Corvette siblings you can name.


More Fun at Sporcle

If you missed any of our previous quizzes, they can be accessed by clicking here. Endless hours can be spent on (trust us). Once you’ve gone through all of our material, or whenever you want, really, try exploring the site. There are new games every day, just scroll down until one catches your eye, or if you want to narrow your options down to one of your more specific passions, try the categories dropdown where you can find quizzes about music, sports, history, and more!

We recommend Geography, especially if you are still in school, the map quizzes are awesome! The most popular quiz in the history of the site, with nearly 30 million plays, is Find the US States with no Borders. See how well you can do without any outlines, it takes a precise clicking finger once you get into New England, the “Next” button is your friend on this one!

One more quiz type that we would like to make everyone aware of is called a Logic Puzzle. There are over 4,500 of them to choose from on Sporcle and they take a keen intellect to solve. This one, for instance, gives you a list of company mascots who are either safe, murder victims, or a murderer and puts you in the Daniel Craig, Knives Out role of figuring out who is who. You are given Ronald McDonald right off the bat and you get a new clue for each character who you correctly label. Best of luck finding out who done it!

We hope that this can add some excitement to your home while you are waiting out COVID-19. Enjoy, thank you for playing along, and stay healthy out there!

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