QUICK SHIFTS: C8 vs C7 Corvette, Logo Trivia, C8 Acceleration, Throwback Reviews, and More


QUICK SHIFTS: C8 vs C7 Corvette, Logo Trivia, C8 Acceleration, Throwback Reviews, and More

Screenshot via Car and Driver

Quick Shifts is a content feature here at CorvetteBlogger featuring links to Corvette and automotive-related stories of interest. Check out these automotive quick shifts featuring Corvette Trivia, C7 vs. C8, Corvette Special Editions, C4 ZR-1 vs. Callaway Twin-Turbo on a classic episode of Motor Week, the craziest custom you are likely to see today, and an even older comparison test between a 427/435 and Carroll’s first GT500. Buckle up!


After a one-week hiatus, Corvette Trivia returns! See if you can match the Corvette generations and models to their logos! Can you beat Alex’s time of 51 seconds?

Click here to play!

Corvette Logo Trivia


Car and Driver put the C8 Z51 toe to toe with its C7 counterpart. If this test got lost in the landslide of new C8 reviews for you, be sure to check it out now! it is one of the best pieces that ran this week!

Don’t miss this comparison test!

C8 vs C7

Photo Credit: Car and Driver


While most Corvette enthusiasts could easily identify these special edition Corvette on sight, outside the Corvette hobby they might not be as memorable. Automobile assembles eight Corvette Special Editions that ran during the C3 through C6 generations and has a nice write up on each. Which would you want in your garage?

See those Eight Special edition Corvettes at automobilemag.com

Eight Special Editions - Grand Sport

Photo Credit: Automobile


Motor Trend compiled a truly shocking list of supercars that the C8 can beat to 60 MPH. Not to spoil anything but it gets some revenge on the McLaren Senna for its older brother!

Try not to get cocky as you scroll through this list at Motor Trend!

Motor Trend C8 Fast Than these 10 cars

Photo Credit: Motor Trend


Road & Track featured this classic episode of Motor Week that highlights a very first-world problem from 1990; which Super-Vette to get? The Corvette ZR-1 or the Callaway Twin-Turbo? After watching, be sure to vote for your choice on the bottom of their page.

Put on your best John H. Davis impression and try to hold on!

Motor Week Retro Review

Photo Credit: Motor Week


Loyal readers, you have got to see this thing for yourselves! The other day, Hemmings showcased one of the most radical customs we have ever seen. It is part ’59 Cadillac, and part El Camino with C1 Corvette side coves and grille, and ’57 Bel Air hood rockets! Did we mention that it has six wheels? Seriously, why haven’t you clicked the link yet?

Full build pictures can be found here on Hemmings.com

Hemmings build

Photo Credit: Hemmings


This week we are reversing all the way to 1967 where the mid-year Corvette in its final, L71-equipped, form did battle with Elenore herself; the then all-new Shelby GT500. This comparison from Motor Trend’s April 1967 issue even comes complete with the original low-quality photography!

Go back to a simpler time with Motor Trend classic.

Motor Trend 1967 Issue Corvette vs Shelby GT500

Photo Credit: Motor Trend

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  1. The C8 vs C7 comparison test didn’t mention that the C8 has 495 hp vs only 460 hp for the C7 which could have impacted max speed down the straights. The C8 is a terrific car but it’s likely that other factors besides weight distribution were in play, including better tires & dual clutch transmission which were mentioned.

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