Kelley Blue Book Names the 2019 Corvette as Number One of the 10 Best Road Trip Cars of 2019


Kelley Blue Book Names the 2019 Corvette as Number One of the 10 Best Road Trip Cars of 2019

Photo Credit: Kelley Blue Book

It’s nice to be noticed! It’s even better when knowledgable experts proclaim you’re #1!

With summer here, many Americans have plans to use some of their stored-up vacation time for a road trip. After all, motoring around the country is practically one the top American pastimes, so why not do it in a great American car like the Chevrolet Corvette!

That’s according to the editors over at Kelley Blue Book who have named the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette to the top of their list of Best Road Trip Cars of 2019.

Here is KBB’s take on why the Corvette makes a great road trip vehicle:

There are few, if any, more iconic road trip cars than the Chevrolet Corvette. And the 2019 model will have the distinction of being the last of the traditional front-engine models, since the all-new C8 mid-engine model will be revealed this summer. Whether you choose the coupe (which has a lift-out roof panel) or convertible, it is one of the last of its breed and still an inspired choice for the open road.

KBB came up with a variety of vehicles that are suitable for a Summer Road Trip. Here’s their ranking for 2019:

  • 10. 2019 Buick Regal TourX
  • 9. 2019 Ford Expedition
  • 8. 2019 Volkswagen Atlas
  • 7. 2019 Mazda MX-G Miata RF
  • 6. 2019 Kia Stinger
  • 5. 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
  • 4. 2019 Porsche Macan
  • 3. 2019 Ram 1500
  • 2. 2019 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid
  • 1. 2019 Chevrolet Corvette

In choosing the Chevrolet Corvette as their top road trip vehicle for 2019, the editors shared a photo showing the mighty 755-hp Corvette ZR1. We call that a double-win if you have the opportunity to road trip the country in a ZR1. However, all four Corvette models are equally suited for such a trip so get out there and don’t forget to share your vacation photos with us as well. But only of your Corvette. We don’t need to see photos of your Uncle Bob being an idiot this 4th of July.

FYI, a reader named Phil sent us this article. (Thanks Phil!) If you see some Corvette-related news out there, feel free to share it with us.

Kelley Blue Book

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  1. Route 66 (the TV series) was the ultimate road trip: two guys in search of tomorrow in a new Chevrolet Corvette. Isn’t it fitting that the last of the long line of those Front Engined Corvettes ends this year, the 66th year of a winning tradition!

  2. I’ll be doing exactly that in my 2018 Long Beach Red Metallic Grand Sport. My first trip I’ve dubbed “The Corvette Culinary Blues Cruise Through the South.” Starting in Tucson I’ll head down and through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, up through South Carolina and North Carolina and then head back through Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansa, Oklahoma,Texas, New Mexico and back to Tucson, AZ. Along the way I’ll sample as much BBQ, fried chicken, oysters and other seafood as I can handle and visit blues clubs, blues greats’ gravestones, and other points of blues interest, such as the crossroads (Hwy 49 & 61 in Clarksdale, MS) where Robert Johnson supposedly made a deal with the devil to be the world’s greatest bluesman in exchange for his soul. I’ll be writing and photographing a blog along the way.

  3. Well I agree…..HOWEVER……At 75 years young and going strong I have owned my Roman Red 62 some 43 years now. Love that car soooooo much and many used Vettes in between and I finally bought a new C6 Atomic Orange back in 07.
    For my money ANY Corvette makes the road trip GREAT!!! In 014 we did the Corvette Caravan from San Diego To B Green in the C6 and it was awesome.
    A couple weeks ago we got back from another trip of 4,000 miles and 6 states in the C6 again. Corvettes in all the stops we made were few and far between so when we showed up in that clean C6 of mine heads turned and people asked me about the car….non stop. I felt like a Rock Star and that Orange color stood out to make it even better.
    Route 66, yes how great was that show and the old road traveled. Well in 2002 I was fortunate enough to meet one of it’s stars Martin Milner who lived here in S Diego. Mr Milner I said “you and that show made me a believer and a dreamer when I was in grade school and here I am today having my picture taken with you and my 62”.
    Folks how coooool is that and if I didn’t have the C6 I’d be driving my 62 on vacation because I show it, drive it and it runs great!
    I FIND NEW ROADS when ever and where ever I can but it has to be in a Corvette !!!!!
    Thanks and have a Vetty Nice Day 11111
    Carlsbad, Ca

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