[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette is Hit By a Tow Truck and Crashes Into a Tree


[ACCIDENT] C4 Corvette Hit By Tow Truck and Crashes Into a Tree

Photo Credit: Steve Grogan

The driver of this C4 Corvette convertible was nearly crushed against a tree after a four-vehicle collision in Lynwood, New York on Jan. 13.

Miraculously, he wasn’t seriously injured, according to a report in liherald.com.

The incident started when a large tow truck hit the Corvette, which then rolled down an embankment along Sunrise Highway, near Reyam Road, and struck a tree. Then the front of the tow truck appears to have collided with the front of the Corvette again, pinning it against the tree. Two other vehicles parked on the highway were also hit during the crash.

The front end of the Corvette suffered extensive damage, not to mention cracks in the rear fender, scuffs on the rear bumper, and a square hole gouged out of the passenger door. And is that a wheel cover somehow stuck in between the seams of the fender?

The crash drew a response from Lynbrook firefighters and EMTs from the Engine, Truck, and Hose companies, along with an LFD ambulance. Firefighters under the command of First Assistant Chief John Donald used a hose line to contain an oil leak from the tow truck.

Paramedics from Northwest Hospital treated the Corvette driver at the scene and then transported him to a local hospital for observation.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation by Lynbrook police.

We wonder if the tow truck remained drivable after the crash, which would have been a convenient way to haul the Corvette away, hopefully without a towing charge!


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  1. That’s funny – the first thing I saw was the wheel cover stuck in the rear bumper. Looks like it was a nice C4 – so sad!

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