[ACCIDENT] White Pickup Truck Running from Police Slams Into a C7 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] White Pickup Truck Running from Police Slams Into a C7 Corvette

Photo Credit: kfor.com

A white C7 Corvette suffered extensive damage during one of the two crashes caused by a suspect fleeing from police Friday night in Oklahoma City.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the white Stingray coupe.

However, the suspect in the truck was thrown out of the vehicle and suffered critical injuries, police said.

The action started when an Oklahoma City Police Department officer unsuccessfully tried to pull over the truck near Southwest 44th and Magdalena Drive. During the ensuing chase, the officer crashed into a vehicle at SW 46th and Western, but no one was injured in that first collision.

The pickup then fled north and eventually crashed into the white C7 and a black vehicle near Southwest 35th and Western. The suspect was the only person injured in any of the crashes.

Based on photos from the scene posted by KFOR.com, the Corvette appears to have suffered major damage to the front end, with the driver’s side front fender ripped off. The extent of the damage on the rest of the car is hard to tell, but it appears that at least the hood is gone.


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