[VIDEO] C8 Tidbits, Suggestions, and the Future C8 Corvette Model To Put Your Name On Now


[VIDEO] C8 Tidbits, Suggestions, and the Future C8 Corvette Model To Put Your Name On Now

Morgan Crosbie is a Chevrolet sales rep who works at a dealership in North London, Ontario and over the last year we’ve learned a lot from him regarding the similarities and differences to having a Corvette delivered in Canada vs the United States.

Morgan has a new video out this week which is sort of a hodgepodge of topics and interesting finds related to the C8 Corvette, so we definitely wanted to share it. Don’t discount his videos as “only for Canadians” because he comes up with something regarding his next Corvette that I hadn’t considered yet, so stay tuned for that.

First up in Morgan’s video is a new Shadow Gray Corvette Convertible with Bright Silver Trident Wheels that will be sent to its new owner. Morgan tells us the car also came with a body stripe but not installed and he suggested the new owner live with the car as is before deciding to add additional modifications. He offers a walk-around of the car and we fall in love with the full Sky Cool Gray interior all over again.

The owner of the Z51 Convertible is planning on tracking the car, which means the dual-clutch transmission fluid needs to be topped off according to Chevy’s track guide for the C8. Morgan says that because it’s a convertible, there is some additional work and labor needed to get to the DCT. Once the engine shield is removed from the car, Morgan points out the Tonawanda engine badge that is now being affixed to the LT2 engines. Yes, even the convertibles get the Tonawanda badge as well because the engines are not designated for the Coupe or Convertible until they reach Bowling Green.

Tonawanda Badge

Next up, Morgan shares a couple of features available on the Cadillac that he thinks would be great for Corvette owners. First up is that the V-Series Cadillacs have color-coded key fobs and he explains why that is and which colors the fobs are available. He also talks about the ambient lighting in the Escalade (and Camaro) and in the Camaro, you can link the driving mode you are in to the ambient interior lighting. As a fan of ambient lighted interiors, that would be something very cool in my opinion.

Morgan also talks about the fact that Canadian customers cannot do a full-blown R8C Museum delivery at the NCM, but he does tell us there is another program called the NCM Experience which also offers a similar delivery experience and your Corvette is even displayed on Corvette Boulevard inside the facility. Participants get the VIP Museum Tour, as well as a one-year membership to the Museum. For details, check out the Delivery Programs at the NCM.

Finally, Morgan talks about his 2020 Corvette Stingray which he put a $1000 deposit on over three years ago to get. When asked if a “Zed-O6” model was in his future, he said no….but the Eureka moment in the conversation happens when he says a customer came down and put a deposit for a 70th Anniversary Model for 2023. Of course, we have no idea if a 70th Anniversary model is under consideration (most likely it is) and that flows to the second part of the equation which is the E-Ray/Grand Sport model is also expected in 2023. So if the two are combined, it could make for a very special model. If that has sparked your interest, then you have just one job for the day: Call your friendly Chevrolet dealer right now to get on that list!

Morgan Crosbie works out of Finch Chevrolet in North London, Ontario, Canada. You can contact Morgan at 519-681-9099 or via email at [email protected].

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  1. i will never buy a brand new corvette again!! You just lost a customer.Bring back the front engine grandsport I need the trunk space !!!

  2. These cars are absolutely incredible, pictures don’t do it justice, the look is just so cool. Chevrolet didn’t just hit a home run with this car, they hit a grand slam to me. I am waiting a few years, my house will be paid off and the added premium that dealers are charging will be gone, then I am getting rid of my wife’s C6 and ordering one just the way I like it. I was considering selling my 63 to get one now, but my wife said, I would probably regret getting rid of that car and she was right, I can wait a few years.

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