[VIDEO] Red Mist 2021 Corvette Is ‘Explosively Beautiful’ in the Sunshine


[VIDEO] Red Mist 2021 Corvette Is 'Explosively Beautiful' in the Sunshine

Photo Credit: meyerweb / MECF

Our friends at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com have a great thread on the new exterior color Red Mist for the 2021 Corvette and members have been sharing some new photos and even a video walkaround of a new C8 Corvette in the bright red color.

Corvette owners have had some great Reds to choose from over the years and we have no doubt that Red Mist will dramatically outsell the color it replaced, Long Beach Red, which was the 3rd least popular color for the 2020 model year as it was only on 1,068 Corvettes, which represents 5.25% of production.

[VIDEO] Red Mist 2021 Corvette Is 'Explosively Beautiful' in the Sunshine

Photo Credit: 455SDguy

Members of the Corvette Team have told us that Red Mist has more metallic flake in the color than previous metallic exteriors like the C6’s Crystal Red. Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Jucheter has professed his appreciation for the new color, liking it so much that he ordered his 2021 CFT Convertible in the color.

What we like about the car is that it appears to show off its metallic properties even when there is little sun available. Unlike the Long Beach Red which becomes extremely muted in the shade or at night time, Mist Red appears bright even on overcast days.

Here’s a walkaround of the car that shows how Red Mist changes depending on your view:

We’ve heard a lot about how much “travel” there is in the Silver Flare exterior, and Red Mist has some of that as well.

In this different set of photos, here’s the VIN 007 Silver Flare Corvette out on the town in Bowling Green and perhaps he ran across Bowling Green Assembly’s Kai Spande, who has been spotted previously driving a pre-production Red Mist HTC.

[VIDEO] Red Mist 2021 Corvette Is 'Explosively Beautiful' in the Sunshine

[VIDEO] Red Mist 2021 Corvette Is 'Explosively Beautiful' in the Sunshine

Photo Credits: National Corvette Museum

Speaking of Silver Flare, just as was about to publish this article, I received this Silver Flare walk-around video from 007’s owner. Great timing as always!


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  1. I am a host at the NCM and delivered the museums first Red Mist Metallic today. WOW is this the best red ever! This one went to Texas and judging from the visitors and staff reaction, I bet the crowds will gather big time along the way!

  2. Looks a lot like the candy apple red Mazda has had on their SUV for the past few years. Beautiful color and one not too long ago would have been a real high dollar paint job.

  3. I think sterling silver or midnight gray stripes would look way better, sorry Doug some people like stripes! I guess you don’t like the grand sport stripes on the C6 and C7 either.

  4. A little too dark for my taste, I prefer the lighter to medium vivid reds like Ferrari uses. Those colors look far more exotic and really pop in the light! Not a bad color, just not visually exciting enough imo.

  5. Very nice, my C6 GS is the Crystal Red Met and looks killer. I like these reds even the Long Beach Red. Stripes are ok don’t think I would do it on mine. I want to see it in person.

  6. That Silver Flare is pretty nice too, and I’m not a huge fan of Silver. Jet Stream Blue is another nice color.

  7. If this model doesn’t destroy the reputation and financial status of the Chevrolet Corvette it certainly should. What an awful ugly creation from the team of designers once known for the most popular iconic US sportscar. In an era of the return of the classic old school muscle car Corvette has missed the mark in the most radical way. This model looks like a concept car that would never sell on the open market. Sad and pitiful knowing the quality, style and brand continue to decline year after year. Looks like the Corvette is on it’s way to extinction.

  8. Troll? Rip-Van just woke up, come on Jeri, we need to go back to when there was no power steering, drum brakes and solid axles, no need for that fancy stuff? Ha-Ha. GM Engineers have done a great job and you can see how Corvette has evolved over the generation. Let’s face it, if Zora hadn’t put a V8 into the C1 – it would have died, blue flame just didn’t cut it. And here we are today, very highly rated and engineered car and more than likely the best Corvette yet, but Jeri there is always the other generation available, no need for new stuff for you. In closing – No soup for you! 😉

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