[VIDEO] 2021 Corvettes in Silver Flare and Red Mist Together at the Corvette Assembly Plant


[VIDEO] 2021 Corvettes in Silver Flare and Red Mist Together at the Corvette Assembly Plant

Photo Credit: Byron Glover Jr

I received an email today containing a fun new video from our friend Byron Glover Jr of the Drive 615 YouTube channel. Byron drove up to Bowling Green to visit the Corvette Assembly Plant and he was able to capture the two newest exterior colors on the 2021 Corvettes, Silver Flare and Red Mist Metallic.

Production started on the 2021 Corvettes on December 14th and just a handful of cars wearing the new color have been produced so far as the assembly plant ramps up its integration. So this is really our first time seeing the two colors together.

As Byron pulls into the Corvette Assembly Plant, we see our mutual friend Adam Ellison who had the first Silver Flare customer car delivered to him just before Christmas. Adam utilized the custom VIN option to specifically order the 007 VIN. He optioned the car without the Z51 and his 2LT Stingray has the Red/Black two-tone leather interior. Adam does a walkaround his car explaining his choices and provides a cold start to hear the exhaust note.

2021 Corvette in Red Mist

On display outside the Assembly Plant’s administrative offices is a 2021 Corvette Convertible in Red Mist Metallic. The HTC has the Carbon Flash roof and Nacelles option, and the rearview mirrors and the Z51 spoiler also get the Carbon Flash treatment.

There is also an Elkhart Lake Blue 2021 Corvette Convertible on display and Byron takes it in as well. The ELB HTC has the option to keep all the vents and exterior trim in body color with only the Bright Silver Trident Wheels helping to break up the color.

From Drive 615 via YouTube:

2021 C8 Corvette Coupe in Silver Flare and 2021 Corvette C8 HTC in Red Mist. Thank you to Adam for letting me check out his 2021 Silver Flare C8 Corvette 2LT, Vin # 007! How cool! I always love checking out the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green as well as the National Corvette Museum, just a short drive from Nashville!

These colors are brand new to 2021 and this is a first look at both Silver Flare and Red Mist.

Drive 615 / YouTube

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