[VIDEO] Enthusiast Documents 22 Years of Kerbeck Corvette Posters


[VIDEO] Enthusiast Documents 22 Years of Kerbeck Corvette Posters

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

If you’ve been a regular attendee at Corvettes at Carlisle over the years, then we are sure you are familiar with the fabulous Corvette posters handed out at the Kerbeck Corvette display by an equally-impressive cadre of attractive ladies. Kerbeck shares a new poster annually at Carlisle and has created other posters like the one for the C8 East Coast Reveal that happened at the dealership last August.

The annual Corvette poster giveaway has been around since Kerbeck first earned the title of the World’s Largest Corvette Dealer back in the mid-1990s.

Our good friend Jeff “Zipity” Duda is the owner of 2004 Commemorative Z06 and was previously the 2019 National Chairman of the Corvette Caravans to the NCM. Like many of us, he used some downtime to his advantage and decided to document some of the Kerbeck Corvette posters he has collected over the years. His collection of posters are spread throughout his home and he says that not even Kerbeck has some of the older posters given away during the 1990s.

It’s fun to see all those Corvette posters displayed in Jeff’s house and especially the older ones that came before us. Jeff says that his new YouTube channel will be used to document his Corvette obsession which is plain to see from all the stickers in his garage. We got a laugh during the intro of his video as we saw a sticker over his shoulder for the now-defunct club “Corvettes Anonymous” that we also belonged to in the early days of the blog.

From Zipity’s Garage via YouTube:

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Zipity’s Garage

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  1. I have a 50th poster from Kerbeck. I live about 23 miles from there. Been to the showroom a few times .Thay always have a display at the Atlantic City convention center also.

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