2021 Corvette TPWs Indicate a December 14th Start Date for the New Model Year


2021 Corvettes TPWs Indicate a December 14th Start Date for the New Model Year

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

Production of the 2020 Corvette Stingrays has been marked by both highs and lows over the course of the year and now GM is making the final push to complete the last customer orders. The end date has been rather fluid depending on a variety of supply chain issues and COVID-19 concerns, and it appears those goalposts have shifted once again.

Our previous end date for the 2020 model year as communicated to dealers was Monday, December 7th with the 2021 Corvettes starting up the very next day on Tuesday, December 8th. Today we learned through the dealers that the first Target Production Week notifications went out for the 2021 Corvette with the earliest TPW being December 14th.

The top 2 Corvette dealers in the country, Kerbeck and MacMulkin, have updated their C8 Corvette Customer Order Pages today showing the 2021 orders that have progressed to Status 3300. Those customers now at 3300 have a 12/14 or a 12/21 Target Product Week listed. One customer on the Kerbeck page showed a 1/04/21 TPW as well.

2021 Corvette TPWs Indicate a December 14th Start Date for the New Model Year

We note that the week of 12/21 is expected to be the first week of the annual Christmas/New Year’s break for the Corvette Assembly Plant, so it sounds like there will be some more movement of build schedules once the production for the 2021 Corvette officially begins.

So while we expect the 2020 Corvette to end sometime next week, the actual day is still unknown. What we do know is that the 2021s will immediately start up the very next day so there will be no downtime between the model year switchover.

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  1. I went 3300 today with my 2021 3LT HTC TR. Don’t know the TPW yet, but great news today.

  2. My guess is that one day the last 2020 will be in front of the first 2021. The 2020 will get a wired car play black box and the 2021 will get the wireless car play. I doubt BG will stop the production line and wait until the next day.. Time is money.

  3. Heck I paid a deposit 8 months ago. My dealer got one allocated for December. I was number 1 on his list. He says GM still won’t accept my order. What’s up with this?

    Feel free to advise

  4. On a related note, of the 150 Corvettes that MacMulkin has allocated, approx. 94 of them went to 3300 Status. A large majority of the 56-ish orders that didn’t make it to 3300 are one of the new colors, Silver Flare or Red Mist. So if you ordered one of those colors, it’s going to take a bit longer.

  5. I paid my deposit on a 2021 C8 back in June,should my salesman/dealer be able to give me a pretty good idea where I fall in line for delivery ?

  6. Tony, Your dealer needs to tell you how many allocations it received for November, December and January, and if yours was placed with one of them. My order was made in August 2020, I went 3400 on 12/14/2020 and my C-8 was built on 12/22/2020.Should have delivery around January 15 to 30th. ( West coast ) . Call Chevrolet Concierge at 1-866-424-3892. Give them your “OrderWorkbench” #, they will tell you your status. Good Luck, Merry Christmas.

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