Rapper DMX And Friend Drive Off In Another Man’s Corvette After Confusion with the Valet


Rapper DMX And Friend Drive Off In Another Man's Corvette After Confusion with the Valet

Photo Credit: DMX / Facebook

Rapper DMX has had his share of problems behind the wheel and even spent 70 days in jail after being busted for 104 mph in a 65 mph zone. But what happened to him over this weekend in regards to a case of mistaken identity wasn’t his fault.

According to TMZ.com, DMX and friends finished up a late dinner at the STK restaurant inside the W Hotel in Westwood and afterward they went outside to the valet to retrieve their cars. One of the members in DMX’s group requested his Corvette which had been checked in prior to dinner. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find his ticket, but the valet recognized DMX and remembered a Corvette parked earlier. When the valet presented the Corvette, his friend took the keys and with DMX in the passenger seat, they headed off to a nightclub to keep the party going.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong car as the next man up in the valet line presented a ticket for the now missing Corvette. Apparently, the Corvette was similar enough to the one driven by the friend and neither he or DMX noticed the difference as they drove off.

The valet realized his mistake and the police were called to report the car stolen. Luckily, the valet somehow knew which nightclub DMX and his friends we headed too and the cops were able to retrieve the stolen Corvette. Recognizing that the mixup occurred with the valet and that the car had been immediately recovered, no charges were filed and everyone seemed to have a good laugh about it.


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