[VIDEO] 1965 Corvette Sets World Record at 201.3 MPH in the Texas Mile


[VIDEO] 1965 Corvette Sets World Record with 201.3 MPH at the Texas Mile

A 1965 Corvette Sting Ray hailing from Helsinki, Finland has broken 200 MPH in the standing mile at the Texas Mile 2016 Event back in early April.

The official time of 201.3 MPH by SIX5Racing’s 1965 Corvette is said to be a World Record Run for a C2 Corvette in the standing mile.

Driving the SIX-5 is Kimmo Nevalainen, who has been on an extended trip to the states over the since last fall including a stops at drag strips, tourist destinations and the National Corvette Museum. Other videos on his youtube channel show him driving across the USA in his 1965 Corvette while pulling a trailer.

Here’s that 201.3 MPH Standing Mile run by SIX5Racing’s 1965 Corvette C2:


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