‘The Right Stuff’ On Disney+ Details Astronaut’s Corvette Connection


'The Right Stuff' On Disney+ Details Astronauts Corvette Connection

“Nobody has ever seen anything like you men, until now,” we’re told in the trailer for a new Disney+ show called “The Right Stuff.”

Classic Corvettes are featured prominently in the mini-series based on Tom Wolfe’s best-selling book about the seven men competing to become the first man in space.

Corvette enthusiasts have known for years that the Gemini 7, as these early astronauts were known, had a need for exhilarating experiences and that naturally translated into an affection for the fastest and most exciting American car of the time, the Corvette.

'The Right Stuff' On Disney+ Details Astronauts Corvette Connection

In Episode 2, astronaut Alan Shepard inadvertently starts that trend with a visit to Florida’s Rathmann Chevrolet, where he meets owner Jim Rathmann. While Shepard was only looking for a deal on a part-time driver, Rathmann offers him a new Corvette for just $1 – a sweet deal that was to continue for other interested astronauts for years.

Corvettes being driven by other astronauts who also accepted Rathmann’s generous offer also appear in Episode 3.

Disney+ is dropping a new episode each Friday through Nov. 20, when the entire eight-part series will finally be available for binge viewing.

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  1. They were known as the Mercury 7. And also the Original 7 or Astronaut Group 1. Not Gemini 7.

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