Crazy 1998 C5-Based Vette Go-Kart for Sale



C5 Corvettes have depreciated enough that some of them are finding new life in some very unexpected ways.

Take, for example, this mid-engine go-kart prototype based on a 1998 Corvette.

It might just be the cheapest mid-engine Corvette on the market right now as it’s being offered for $9,800 on in Littleton, Colorado.

We’re curious to know what it would be like comfort-wise to drive this car with the donor car’s LS1 350 horsepower engine located directly behind the sole seat mounted in the center.

With fuel, this go-kart weighs just 1,700 pounds, some 500 less than a first-gen Miata.

The sellers told Road & Track they “were looking for a very simple and lightweight design to demonstrate how the Corvette LS drivetrain can be adapted for street rods.”

The go-kart is said to feature a 4l60e transmission with manual toggle, Doberstein upper suspension brackets, BC coil overs, 94” wheelbase, and Wilwood brakes.

The response wasn’t too favorable on Road & Track’s comments section, as this one pretty much sums up the feelings of many:

A shining example of “Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.”

Source: via Road & Track

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  1. If you could put a cool body on it…and get rid of that automatic, it could be pretty interesting
    Perhaps a replica body of a Lola T-70 ? and you could have a CAN-AM car for the street.

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