Find Your C8 Corvette Diecast Models and More at Fairfield Collectibles


Find Your C8 Corvette Diecast Models and More at Fairfield Collectibles

Sometimes owning a Corvette just isn’t enough for new owners. When we can’t be out driving our new Corvettes, we certainly like to admire them in diecast form. They are the reminder of the weekend cruise and no desk of a Corvette owner is complete without one.

Our friends at Fairfield Collectibles offer a wide range of diecast Corvette models in various scales and colors for those of us who still like to play with toy cars. From matchbox cars to highly detailed 1:18 scale models, there’s a bit of something for everyone as they say.

Fairfield calls themselves the “collector’s source” when it comes to high-quality diecast models and believe me, they have them all: Cars, trucks, tractors, fire engines, planes, ships, and much more. Thousands of replicas of all scales and styles can be found so if your interests span outside the Corvette hobby, you can count on finding it at

Corvette Diecast Models

One of the hard to come by models have been those for the new mid-engine 2020 Corvette. Fairfield Collectibles is currently showing nine different C8 Corvette models available. The diecasts range from a very affordable C8 model in 1:24 scale beginning at $10.99, while the midrange Maisto 1:18 scale Corvette models priced at $30.99 and the highly detailed 1:18 scale C8 Corvette models priced at $149.99.

C8 Corvette Models at Fairfield Collectibles

There are also plenty of late-model Corvette diecasts including the 2019 Corvette ZR1 and Grand Sports including the 2017 Collector Edition:

C7 Corvette Models at Fairfield Collectibles

Fairfield Collectibles also offers many different classic Corvette models to choose from if your man cave or garage collection skews to the older ‘Vettes:

Classic Corvette Models at Fairfield Collectibles

And finally, I wanted to highlight these Corvette Racing models featuring some of the best-loved racing liveries to appear on the Corvettes including the famous 2007 “Jake” Laguna Seca Livery:

Classic Corvette Models at Fairfield Collectibles

We found the easiest way to search the Corvette models at Fairfield Collectibles was to use their search box to search for “Corvettes” and then you can widdle the list down according to what you like to collect.

The holidays are right around the corner and will be here before you know it, so if there is a Corvette enthusiast you are shopping for, you can never go wrong with the gift of a Corvette diecast model from




  1. FYI – The Maisto 1:18-scale C8s (and some older ‘Vettes) should be available at your local Costco for about $15. That’s where I got mine.

  2. I don’t understand why they produce dozens of versions of the C7 “Grand Sports” but no
    convertible. Especially the 2019, last standard, last front engine and last soft top in the history of corvette. if anyone knows were this die cast is please let me know.


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