Texas Car Dealer Offers Some Amazing Collectible Corvettes and More!


Texas Car Dealer Offers Some Amazing Collectible Corvettes and More!

Photo Credits: Powerhouse Collectibles

Every now and then, the stars align for an automotive dealership, and they find themselves flush with vehicles that not only bring rarity and desirability to the table but also feature double-take-inducingly low miles. This unusual occurrence is currently taking place at Powerhouse Collectibles of McKinney, TX. Judging by the quality of the cars in their “about us” gallery, hard-to-find, and almost-new might actually be the norm for PHC Texas.

What is out of the ordinary, even for a place that deals in LaFerraris, DB5s, and 488 Pistas, are some of the domestic representatives that they are currently showing, specifically those that might be of interest to readers of this site!

2020 Corvette in Rapid Blue

Your author was drawn to their site by a saved Cars.com search that only alerts me to a new listing a couple of times a year; the elusive Cadillac CTS-V Wagon with the 6-speed manual transmission. Over a four-year production run, Cadillac only fitted clutch pedals to 514 out of the 1,764 V wagons. This level of exclusivity, paired with the sheer audacity of a powertrain that can only be described as ZR1-lite, has made the manual Vagon one of the most sought-after cars of the past two decades. Most of these unicorns were enjoyed by connoisseurs that went out of their way to order something that they knew would be extremely special, so I am usually excited (and headed immediately to my local purveyor of Mega Millions tickets) when one hits the market with fewer than 50k miles. So, imagine my giddy surprise when the most recent example to hit my inbox had only traveled… 377 miles! This (more powerful?) final year V is positively gleaming in Red Obsession Tintcoat, a late replacement for the ubiquitous Crystal Red; it also has the polished wheels, the unusual white interior featuring the extra-cost heated and ventilated Recaro seats, and the Ultraview sunroof upgrade. If you are feeling generous, message me in the comments for shipping instructions to my house!

2020 Corvette in Rapid Blue

Amazingly, the other half of my first-five-years of the last decade two-car dream garage (catchy name, right?) is the very next car listed on their website. It is 2011 Z06 Carbon #85, a Supersonic Blue fantasy on black wheels that downright embarrasses the V Wagon’s odometer reading with just 5 delivery miles and the window and OnStar stickers still attached! PHC was also generous enough to provide a free Carfax so that prospective buyers can rest assured that this Carbon wasn’t abused in her five miles of service to owner #1.

2005 Lingenfelter Commemorative Edition Corvette

Scroll past the Hemi Superbird, Ferrari Daytona, and G550 4×4 squared in their current inventory, and you’ll find a 2005 Lingenfelter Commemorative Edition Corvette. This kind of funky-looking first-year C6 features 427 cubic inches, a pair of turbos, and 750 horsepower! A total of ten of these were made between 2005, 2006, and 2008 (none in 2007) at a cost of $86,995.00 on top of the donor ‘Vette, and this was the very first one! Unlike the first two vehicles, the next owner of this red animal needn’t be afraid of driving it (for the mileage, I’m sure that it is, by far, the most intimidating of the three to pilot!) because it has done, a reasonable, 5,690 miles in its 15 years of existence. It is also the first of these vehicles to have a listed price. This intersection of Corvette and Lingenfelter history can be yours for $169,900.

2020 Corvette in Rapid Blue

Finally, we have a Rapid Blue C8 sighting! It is a non-Z51 car with the Sky Cool Gray interior and the discontinued Carbon Fiber Ground Effects Package. It appears to have been delivered with the standard silver open five-spoke wheels which have been attractively powder coated gloss black. The price of joining the eighth-generation club on somebody else’s allocation? $112,900, and I’m sure that they will get every penny of that.

If you are newly wealthy with a hankering to put some General Motors muscle in your garage, there are a lot worse places to start curating a fine collection (or spreading the love!) than Powerhouse!

Powerhouse Collectibles

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