[VIDEO] The First 2020 Corvette Convertibles Are Now Arriving at Dealers


[VIDEO] The First 2020 Corvette Convertibles Are Now Arriving at Dealers

Photo/Video Credits: CorvetteFurman.com

Great news to share today to those customers with a 2020 Corvette hardtop convertible on order. Our friend Mike Furman of Criswell Chevrolet shared these photos with us today on what might be the first customer-ordered C8 Convertible to arrive at a dealership.

We had just learned earlier this week that the first batch of 2020 Convertibles produced had cleared the quality control hold with some cars going to status 4000 (Ready to Ship) but apparently Chevy isn’t messing around and immediately shipped the car to Maryland where it will hopefully delivered to a couple great friends of ours later this week.

[VIDEO] The First 2020 Corvette Convertibles Are Now Arriving at Dealers

We are also happy to see this (first) C8 Corvette Convertibles was finished in the new Rapid Blue with black nacelles and black roof combination. Corvette Team members have told us that the assembly plant will be ramping up production of the HTCs which officially started down the line the week of August 3rd. Unlike the C8 coupes, they started with the new colors first!

Mike also grabbed us a quick walkaround video of the Rapid Blue Convertible and you can see the beautiful two-tone blue interior. We’ll be looking for more from Mike once he documents the delivery of the car to its new owners. In the meantime, that’s some serious eye-candy sitting on the lot at Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD.

One of our eagle-eyed readers told that a new Corvette Convertible was on display inside the National Corvette Museum. We found this Shadow Grey Metallic HTC parked on Corvette Boulevard under Delivery Camera 8:

2020 Corvette Convertible at the NCM


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  1. Interesting that the owner chose to go with body colour “boomerangs” and rear vents — haven’t seen many pics of C8s sporting that option so far. Makes the side and rear views look a bit less “busy”, but maybe also a bit more “slabby” as there is less to visually break them up. Thoughts?

  2. I’m pleased (not) to hear the factory’s building ‘new’ colors first instead
    of respecting the date of order. πŸ™

  3. Why isn’t gm not showing videos of new colors and up dating the site to order new c8 2021 what is the problem it would be nice to see the new color and stripes compilation

  4. Bobert, I also want to thank GM (sarcasm) for first building cars they wanted regardless of the way they were ordered by buyers. Is this any way to run a business?

  5. DougR-I don’t think the C8 looks as good with the optional body color trim. I think it needs all the black trim to contrast with the body color and help break it up. Only black Corvettes look great with monotone paint.

  6. The C8 is growing on me with the look of the HTC. Helps cleaning of side body lines a bit. Would order one today if it had the third pedal.

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