[AUDIO] Country Music’s Brad Paisley Isn’t a Very Good Corvette Salesman


[AUDIO] Country Music's Brad Paisley Isn't a Very Good Corvette Salesman

Screenshot Credit: National Corvette Museum

We know how much country singer Brad Paisley loves Corvettes.

But would he make a good Corvette salesman?

Listen to Big D and Bubba of the popular nationally syndicated radio show talk to Paisley to get his opinion about whether Bubba should buy a new 2020 Corvette.

Bubba says he’s found a used silver C8 Stingray, probably a base car with “old man wheels,” for just $57,000, and he’s convinced the show could make some big money if he buys it now and flips it on the open market since he’s seen some used 2020s going for way more than $100,000.

Despite the fact that Paisley took delivery of his own Long Beach Red Metallic C8 a few months ago at the National Corvette Museum, he is – at first – on the “no” side of the equation, pointing out that cars are not good investments and they’ll probably lose money on it.

Bubba doesn’t give up, saying that even though he has never owned a Corvette before, he hopes that he’d catch the bug by buying a 2020 and then turn into a dedicated Corvette enthusiast.

Amidst all the back-and-forth, Paisley finally gives in, telling Bubba to buy a Corvette. “My verdict is in – yeah, do it. It’s no skin off my back, I don’t care. I want to see this play out.”

The conversation continues, with Brad pointing out that the market for the mid-engine Corvette won’t stay this hot forever, giving Bubba even more ammo for the purchase now.

“I know – that’s why you buy it right now, drive it for a month or two, and then sell it and we might make 20 grand profit on it,” Bubba claims.

“You’re not gonna make 20 grand,” Brad warns. “You’re not gonna make anything on it.”

“Shhhh, Brad, stop,” Bubba replies.

“I love it when Brad Paisley makes sense,” Big D says. “Yeah, he’s the only one with a brain in this room.”

Asked how he’s been enjoying his own Corvette, Paisley quickly says, “Honestly, it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever driven. It’s unbelievable. It really is like the greatest thing they’ve ever made. I can’t even describe it, how great it is and it should be a lot more money than that. But that’s what they do up there, they make an incredible car in Kentucky that beats Ferraris….”

“For less than the cost of many of my friends’ pickup trucks, I could have a supercar,” Bubba interrupts, “and we could have it as a show supercar. This is great. Brad Paisley endorses it – we should do it.”

“Is it funny how I didn’t hear any of that,” Big D jokes.

Stay tuned, as they say on the radio, and we’ll keep you posted on Bubba’s quest for a C8.

Brad Paisley at the NCM

Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum


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