[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray on Forgiato Ventoso Custom Wheels


[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray on Forgiato Ventoso Custom Wheels

Photo Credit: 713ab / Instagram

Today I was flipping through Instagram and found this pretty redhead posted by Ashworth Barnes of 713 Motoring in Houston. As today is technically #WheelWednesday, let’s take a closer look at this customized 2020 Corvette.

African-American fashion designer Iassic Moore originally ordered the 2020 Corvette in Black and took delivery of it back in early July. The Stingray has since been transformed with a whole new look thanks to a Matte Red wrap. Mr. Moore also updated his ride with a new set of custom wheels and went with Forgiato and their Ventoso custom wheels in matching Red for this head-turning look.

As we take a walk around the car (use the arrows in the Instagram post below), the only black now found on the car appears on the front and rear fascias. While normally this might feel like too much red, the color contrasts nicely against the heavily tinted windows. We also appreciate the red-wrapped Stingray emblem on the rear deck as well as red CORVETTE lettering just above the license plate.

Like what you see here on Mr.Moore’s 2020 Corvette? Let us know in the comments below!

713ab / Instagram

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  1. The Forgiato Ventoso wheels in RED are absolutely fabulous. Have a red 2020 Corvette Stingray they would be perfect !

  2. They are flat ugly. The 2020 Corvette does not deserve to look like an 1800’s Stage Coach.

  3. OK…I think we just ran out of “good taste”. The wheels are hideous they look like they came off a Wells Fargo Stage Coach.

  4. The red wheels suck! Why would you buy a black car and then wrap it in red! Don’t get it!!!🏝🍻🏖🍷🇺🇸

  5. @Keith: Had a feeling you wouldn’t run my second post, so what happened to “Freedom of speech”? Had no profanity and very truthful……………RF

  6. If you “had a feeling” that I wouldn’t allow your comment to stand, you should have stopped right there. Start your own Corvette blog and you can have all the “freedom of speech” you want. – Keith

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