[VIDEO] Mobil 1 Looks at Corvette Racing’s Championship Legacy at the 24 Hours of Le Mans


[VIDEO] Mobil 1 Looks at Corvette Racing's Championship Legacy at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year without the Corvette Racing team was a futile exercise for many Corvette enthusiasts and while we did tune in here and there during the race, it just wasn’t the same without the Yellow and Silver Corvette C8.Rs in attendance.

Our friends at Mobil 1 also found the French Summer Classic to be somewhat lacking without Jake and the boys in attendance, so they are sharing this video showcasing Corvette Racing’s legacy of wins over the last twenty years with three different generations of Corvette racers. And as they show in the video, Mobil 1 will also be there for when the C8.R joins the ranks of Le Mans-winning Corvettes.

From Mobil 1 via YouTube:

The 24 Hours of Le Mans sounded a little different this year without the V8 rumble from Corvette Racing. But rest assured, someday America’s Sports Car will be racing, and winning, in the French countryside once again.

Did you know? Mobil 1™ advanced synthetic has been in the engine of every Corvette Racing race car since their first Le Mans. What year was that? Find out at http://bit.ly/mobil1-and-corvette-925.


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  1. I highly recommend putting the 24hrs of Le Mans
    on your bucket list.
    Ron and I went to Le Mans in 2017 with the NCM.
    From our grand stand seats holding up the corvette flag
    as Jordan Taylor passes the Aston Martin for the lead.
    I’m the blond wearing wearing the sunglasses cheering
    on #63 on Int’l tv. Only to have our hearst broken when
    the tire blew with one lap to go.
    Jordan finished 3rd and we won with the greatest memories
    along with 41 other NCM members.

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