[VIDEO] Mobil 1 ‘Uncut From the Track’ Presents Sights and Sounds of the Corvette C7.R


[VIDEO] Mobil 1 'Uncut From the Track

Photo by Richard Prince for Chevy Racing

Apparently I’ve missed a few videos from our friends at Mobil 1 who are sharing these quick videos on YouTube showing Corvette Racing’s C7.R racecar on some of the historic tracks in both North America and at Le Mans. So today we play some catch-up as we wait for the C8.R to be back in action next week at Sebring International Raceway.

Mobil 1 calls the series ‘Uncut from the Track’ and each of three videos shows the Yellow C7.Rs in action. Mobil 1 has been the factory fill oil of choice in Corvettes since 1993 and they have played a major role in the success of Corvette Racing’s 20-year history. Each of the video descriptions has a link to additional information about Mobil 1, Chevrolet, and the Corvette Racing team:

Missing the sights and sounds of those long days at the track? We’ve got you covered with the content to fill that void!

Corvette C7.R at Road Atlanta

Corvette C7.R at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

Corvette C7.R at Le Mans

Mobil 1 / YouTube

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  1. I best like the bubba 2018 qualification. Both Corvettes out first. Like 2 minutes of great rumble around min.6

  2. I use to enjoy hearing that C7-R coming long before I could see it, NOTHING like the sound of a Roaring V-8, nothing at all. I’m not crazy about the sound of the flat plain crank and high revving Ring Ding, it brings a tear to my eyes! 😢

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