[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Wearing Vossen’s Black HF-5 Wheels


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Wearing Vossen's Black HF-5 Wheels

We’ve previously shared a C8 Corvette on Vossen forged wheels previously in which a Black 2020 Corvette was riding on Vossen EVO5-R wheels offered in a bright finish.

For this #WheelsWednesday post, we are taking a look at the dark side with a Sebring Orange 2020 Corvette featured wearing Vossen’s HF-5 hybrid forged wheels in black. The Orange Corvette with the black Vossen wheels star in a cinematic promotional video that was actually shot in our hometown of Tampa.

Vossen offers the HF-5 hybrid forged wheels in three sizes ranging from 20 to 22 inches with prices starting at $649 each. They are available in two standard colors or eight custom colors. We believe Stingray in the video is wearing a staggered set-up of 20/21s in standard ‘Gloss Black’ (pictured below).

[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Wearing Vossen's Black HF-5 Wheels

As for the video below, despite its cinematic feel with slow-mo driving in the rain (gasp!) or as the C8 Coupe cruising down the highway, I feel that the details of black wheels can sometimes become lost when the lighting is low which is the case here. Not meaning to start yet another chrome vs black wheels comments war, just pointing out that there would be a better view of the wheels in the sun vs a typical afternoon thunderstorm.

Having said that, with the Corvette’s black trim and carbon flash High Wing, we can see why the owner of the car went with the black Vossens as they offer outstanding contrast with the Sebring Orange exterior. And when it comes to customizing your own rides, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to fitting your Corvette with aftermarket wheels. It’s what you think looks good is all that matters.

Vossen Wheels via autoevolution.com

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  1. I’m sorry, but I’m just not a fan of black wheels. I’m hoping this “trendy’ thing will run its course soon. I remember seeing a picture a few years ago, of two C7 Corvettes parked next to each other. Both were Laguna Blue in color. One had bright polished wheels and one had black wheels. The paint on the one with the polished wheels…just “Popped”. The paint on the one with black wheels, looked dull and lifeless, compared to the other car.

  2. I don’t dislike black wheels in a general sense as they look great on certain cars. I agree with Keith 100% though. This video does absolutely zero to show off these wheels. You don’t even get to see the wheels. Not great marketing

  3. You can hardly see them. I think they need a red pinstripe around the wheel lip but this design isn’t smooth close to the lip so that won’t work. If you want to show them off, paint them silver or just chrome them. Sorry, I think I’m just too old for these.

  4. Realy poor video. It’s underexposed to get some kind of mood thing going. Whatever they were going for it fails IMHO.

    You can’t see the wheel to save your life!

  5. I just REALLY want to see some polished, forged “Gumby” wheels for the C8 (QG7 option on C6’s). Gumbies in black might be extra nice with the 2021 Silver Flare Metallic body color. Aftermarket, “Make it so!”

  6. Wheels, Bright Sliver Painted Open Five Spoke, 2020 C8 2LT Corvette. My Elkhart Lake Blue, Road America 2020 C8 with Adrenaline Red interior got its first real wash. Yes I got it on August 6 from my local Classic Chevrolet and hand washed it’s face every day since delivery and even peeped and applied ceramic coat myself but hadn’t wash it yet. The plan was to run to town, top it off with 93 octane and wash it on the was home! Ya! Virus the station opened and carrying 93 octane in Lawton America at 5 am was a Walmart Mart Market, and I looked at every station in LA this AM! Stopped on the way home at a pressure wash a block from the house. The Guy that cried about the Silver Open Five Spokes must have how footman wash his C8! They are the easiest wheels to wash on any of the more then Fifty Cars I have owned. I only used pressure on the rims and the rockers and the light spray soap and rinse everywhere else. Zero Water in the Engine Bay. I covered the back glass and bonnet vents with a 4×4 black rubber battery shop mat about a thick as a truck enter tube. I was careful not to blast the mat Out of place. Used a real shamus Skin To glass, body, engine bay only a couple of drops! and the inside of the sills. I was going to then take it home and hand wash in the driveway but it turned out so good I didn’t need a hand wash! The wheels, brake calipers and inner rim can be cleaned completely with dismantling the Car. I think the the bright Silver is a Great wheel and looks good on this blue Car. Form You Own opinion, don’t let anyone else tell you what to think! You Drive a Corvette!

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