[PICS] Black 2020 Corvette Rides on Vossen EVO5-R Custom Wheels


[PICS] Black 2020 Corvette Rides on Vossen EVO5-R Custom Wheels

Photo Credits: gabe.design / Instagram

With the abbreviated arrival of the 2020 Corvette, we’ve been turning to Instagram on Wednesdays in search of sharing some great photos of custom wheels on the new C8.

GM’s choice of wheels for the C8 is limited to the two designs available in various finishes and we are okay with those choices from the factory, but the custom wheel aftermarket opens up so many great possibilities for owners to personalize their new sports cars to their tastes.

Today’s selection features a 2020 Corvette that is owned by automotive designer gabe.design. Some of his renderings have appeared previously on CorvetteBlogger including our favorite which was a slammed C8 with C4 wheels.

[PICS] Black 2020 Corvette Rides on Vossen EVO5-R Custom Wheels

For his own personal ride, gabe turned to TR3 Performance and added a set of Vossen EVO5-R custom wheels that are sized 20×9.5 in the fronts and 21×12.5 in the rears. The EVO5-R is a monoblock wheel offered in five different finishes and multiple sizes.

From gabe.design via Instagram:

The NEW @Vossen EVO5-R! 😍
Dropped on 20×9.5 front and 21×12.5 rear! Wrapped with @michelinusa PS4S tires.

This changes the look of the C8 so much. Thank you to @tr3performance and @vossen for the excellent service and pushing my needs for wheel aggressiveness.

So what are your thoughts on these Vossen wheels for the C8 Corvette? Like what you see? Let us know in the comments below!

gabe.design / Instagram

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  1. This is yet another look. Best as I can tell, the are two artistic designs, each separate, then blended by alternating the patterns. Looks pretty good. I can’t tell if this is a bling rim or designed to be something else. Strength is important for Corvette C8 rims, because the power is put down to the terra firma so hard.

  2. Definitely not RICE-y (Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement). Cosmetic, yes, Race, no.

    Obviously not engineered for the track. Could never survive the likes of LeMans or Daytona without excess crud (and therefore mass) accumulation, as well as brake heat/ventilation problems. Even if the delicate look were not an issue in terms of strength.

    Does look lovely, though — good Garage Queen look.
    So if “lovely” is what you’re going for, have at it!

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