[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Loses Its Doors, Now Called the Jeep-Ray


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Loses Its Doors, Now Called the Jeep-Ray

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, here comes this 2020 mid-engine Corvette that’s been transformed into a Jeep!

The “did they really do that” change comes courtesy of Justin and Dan at Atlanta Custom Wraps and WrapLife, who documented the modifications on this YouTube video.

In case you were wondering, one of the crew says it’s not a whole lot more difficult to take off the doors of a C8 than a Jeep.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Loses Its Doors, Now Called the Jeep-Ray

By that radical point, the car had already been covered in a camo-colored green, black, brown, and white wrap, and as much as it pains us to admit it, we actually think the finished product is pretty cool-looking!

That doesn’t mean we didn’t grimace a little bit when they were laying the unhinged doors on the floor of their shop, and likewise we’re not sure we would ever consider tormenting our Torch Red C8 in such a way.

Still, the person making the payments can do whatever he wants to his Stingray. Right?

By the way, Justin says they named their creation the “Jeep-Ray” – “a little Jeep mixed with a little Stingray,” as he puts it. Dan tries to bring him back to his senses, saying, “That makes me a little uncomfortable.”

“It should,” Justin chuckles.

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Loses Its Doors, Now Called the Jeep-Ray

Who knows, since Chevy is going all-out on electric vehicles in the very near future, maybe they might want to make their own version of this wild Corvette one day and call it the “Jeep-E-Ray.”

Be sure to watch the whole video and see Dan standing up on the passenger side of the car, with his head above and behind the seat and his arms stretched out as Justin motors down the road.

Later, after dropping off some canned food (actually, beer) at a canned food drive in nearby Woodstock, Dan hangs out of the car and tells Justin, “You would be so sad if I fell out.”

“I would,” Justin answers, “but I know you’re strapped in.”

[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Stingray Loses Its Doors, Now Called the Jeep-Ray

And, of course, the video closes with the two doing the obligatory burnouts in a parking lot and basically just having a good time with their Corvette.

“That was a hell of an experience,” Justin concludes.

“For sure, that was tons of fun,” Dan agrees. “I have a feeling we’re going to do this again.”

We wouldn’t be surprised. So how about you? Would you subject your C8 to this much fun, or torture, depending on what your outlook on life is?

Warning…NSFW Language in the video.

WrapLife / YouTube

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  2. Well, that’s another way to f up a great car. To each their own. Reminds me of more money than brains.

  3. Got through about 2 minutes. These guys have IQ equal to their shoe size (or less). Shame they’re allowed to vote and procreate (maybe?)

  4. This is neither interesting or reasonable. Just a ploy to get You Tube attention. I guess it worked, but I have no respect for the wrappers or the owner. Waste of time and money. Jeep-Ray my a**. I’d rather watch paint dry.

  5. That’s just plain STUPID….Looks like those guys have way too much time on their hands….JEEZ

  6. These guys are idiots. They took a beautiful C8 Corvette and turned into a stupid looking piece of shit. I couldn’t make it all the way through these losers seriously dumb video.

  7. One must wonder just what the reaction of the financial institution carrying the paper on this car would have to say about the modifications.

    Montana Bob

  8. THE OLD MAN SYNDROME IN THESE COMMENTS ARE HILARIOUS!! The amount of exposure and business we get off our shenanigans and knowing it makes y’all cringe is worthy of another video!!! Thanks for the love and hate

  9. By the way, we are the owners! Check out Atlanta Custom Wraps! Thanks for the plug! Crazy that you expect our generation to succomb to your old school ways and not welcoming all areas of the car enthusiast world is why we have issues in the world. All these hate comments are from people with plenty of sense, i would hope, it’s a shame y’all only exude negativity. They had so much fun with this and y’all ain’t gonna rain on that parade! 🙂 🙂

  10. Danielle, you are getting ATTENTION, not customers. Also, if you were so fantastic you would not need to resort to this sort of stunt to get customers in the first place. I personally love all sorts of wraps…but this is just a lame cry for attention. You know you just devalued your biggest asset when you go bankrupt, right?

  11. Didja get the front lift? Bring her on down to Moab, we’ll do some serious rock crawling! Awesome!

  12. You two idiots probably think all this “protest” bull shit is OK. I’d like to see a mob of real Corvette guys outside your shop protesting what you did to that poor car.

  13. Y’all are f*****g hilarious. What Justin and Dan did was amazing and f*****g entertaining. Respect all builds geezers. 😂😂😂

  14. Danielle Norton – honestly didn’t your crew expect to get negative comments on your C8 project? Readers here are into the performance, history, design, comradery that Corvette ownership offers. Your project is a slap in the face to folks who are on the C8 bandwagon, many who have been in the cue to receive their dream car for many month and now another You Tuber is tearing apart another C8. (I realize your modes don’t actually destroy anything) but to say that “you expect our generation to succumb to you old school ways and not welcoming all areas of the car enthusiast world” is as off base as some of the comments here. It’s just a bunch of people that really love the C8. But congratulations on generating publicity for your business.

  15. Everyone is so uptight as if those doors don’t go back on just as easily as they came off. You corvette purists were probably crying when they announced the c8 was mid-engine. Let the two have their fun. And from what I’ve seen, attention is the last thing Justin/dan look for and there’s no shortage of customers either.

  16. Just No. The camp wrap is cool, but taking off the doors-no.
    The C8 doesn’t have enough clearance to be a Jeep, even with the lift, so calling it a Jeep doesn’t even make sense.

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