[VIDEO] Bros Hoon a Rental Corvette Stingray in the Desert


[VIDEO] Bros Hoon a Rental Corvette Stingray in the Desert

Normally I don’t have a problem whatsoever as to how you treat your Corvette. It’s your car and you have to live with it. But what about a rental? I don’t really think that most guys would think twice about lighting up the tires on a rental Corvette. I probably would. But this next video I’m about to share from a couple of youtubers is just wrong on so many levels.

The video was made by Mike Tornabene and his friend Zack who rented a Corvette Stingray to attend a truck rally in the desert outside of Las Vegas. But since they have a Stingray and most likely paid for the insurance, they thought it would be cool to hold their own off-road Stingray Rally as well.

The Corvette, which was described as “brand new” was shown driving down the road which leads to the old lake bed. Of course, that was a rocky dirt road and the boys took it as speed with rocks flying from under the tires. Once they reached their rally point, the Corvette Stingray was thrashed, trashed and hooned in the desert with donuts an burnouts galore.

Deserts are dirty places and the Torch Red exterior became very dusty real quick. But that didn’t stop our bros here from ruining the car further. After taking off the carbon fiber top (and throwing it on the ground), more dusty runs were made with the top off and windows down, totally filled the cabin with dust.

Finally, the boys laugh about the strange noises now coming from the Stingray after their day of fun is done.

The video was made for fun, and one bro says it was the most “‘Murican” thing he thinks he’s ever done. I doubt Corvette owners will find anything fun about it. Not only that, but many non-Corvette owners rent the Stingray to experience the car for the first time and their hoonage and potential damage to the car could lead to a less-than-great experience which of course would be blamed on the car and not the idiots who previously rented it.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but let me tear up your favorite thing in the world for some page views and we’ll see how you feel then. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Karma right about now?


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