[VIDEO] Sibling Rivalry Grudge Match as Hennessey’s HPE850 Z06 Destroys a Stock C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Sibling Rivalry Grudge Match as Hennessey's HPE850 Z06 Destroys a Stock C8 Corvette

About a week ago we shared a Sibling Rivalry race between a 2020 Corvette Stingray and a Corvette Z06 and the “Dig King” C8 won each time. Well, that didn’t sit well with some you who complained that the C8 Corvette was modded with a custom exhaust from Fabspeed Motorsports and Toyo R888R drag tires while the C7 Corvette Z06 was about as bone-stock as they come.

So today we are offering another grudge match but this time the tables are turned as we see a stock C8 Corvette going up against a modded 850-hp Corvette Z06 from Hennessey.

We’ve seen the C8 Corvettes take on just about everybody from a dig and the losses are few and far in between. However, the Hennessey HPE850 Z06 seems eager for the challenge. The pair face off against each other twice, first from a rolling 30 mph start, and then the C7 Z06 starts from a dig while giving the C8 Corvette a 30 mph rolling start. While we can’t say that it was a fair fight, it was a fun watch no matter whose side you’re on.

From Hennessey Performance via Youtube:

Hennessey Performance / Youtube

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  1. How can Hennessey’s Z06 perform against Hennessey’s twin turbo C8 after it is tuned?

  2. Good question! I don’t think we’ve seen that race yet but then again we haven’t seen John’s twin-turbo C8 in a couple of months at least. – Keith

  3. Really a so what race. Not much proof of anything other than if you throw enough money at something you can make it faster.
    And yes I have a Z06 but would like a C8.

  4. Does Corvette Blogger get money from Hennessey for these articles? Wow a 850hp car beat a 495hp car. Let’s see them race from a dig and see the 1/8 & 1/4 mile times. Roll racing always benefits the car with the higher horse power. Don’t forget this is Hennessey so you can’t believe half of what they say.

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