[VIDEO] Sibling Rivalry On Display in Street Battle Between a C8 Corvette and a C7 Z06


[VIDEO] Sibling Rivalry On Display in Street Battle Between a C8 Corvette and C7 Z06

So Little Brother wants to take on Big Brother, huh?

In this new video, John of JMC Rides brings us the latest challenger to his new mid-engine Corvette. This time, the battle stays in the family, with a 2016 Z06 showing up to take on its hot-shot little brother.

If you’ve been keeping up with such races, you know that the 2020 Corvette can whip just about any and all comers in eighth or quarter-mile competition, thanks in large part to its lightning-quick shifts by the new DCT transmission and its ridiculous launch control capabilities.

Before the first run, the host of the video says with the big difference in horsepower, he “honestly’ thinks the bone-stock Z06 with its 650 horsepower may have a chance to catch up to the 495 horsepower C8, its only mods being a custom exhaust from Fabspeed Motorsports and Toyo R888R tires currently so popular with drag racers.

Alas, John’s prediction didn’t come to pass, though, as his 2020 Stingray quickly pulls away from the Z06 and crosses the finish line well ahead. No surprise, really, since this 2020 Stingray has already smoked Hellcats, Hellcat Red Eyes, Dodge Demons, and Trackhawks.

[VIDEO] Sibling Rivalry On Display in Street Battle Between a C8 Corvette and C7 Z06

With a decision to make things more interesting, the mid-engine owner gives the Z06 a head start on a second run, and this time the C8 suffers its first loss but not by a wide margin.

“I gotta give credit to the C8 on this one just because look at how close the C8 is to the tail end of the Z06 compared to the first race,” John remarks, noting that the C8 is literally right behind the Z06 at the end.

“Now I think this speaks extremely highly of the C8 and its capabilities for launching,” he says. “The launches on the C8 are incredible. It launches extremely, extremely hard, and it gives you usually enough of a head start to win an eighth of a mile race or quarter-mile race if it’s on an unprepped surface like the street every single time.” Without giving up the head start on a third run, the mid-engine Corvette, with its superior weight distribution, takes another easy win over the Z06.

“Lesson learned for the C8 owner: don’t get cocky, stay humble, and don’t give Z06s or ZR1s head starts, OK? Just do your thing, launch and you’ll be good” are the final words of advice from this C8 owner.

JMC Rides / YouTube

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