Owner Wants to Trade This 1961 Corvette for Another Corvette


Owner Wants to Trade This 1961 Corvette for Another Corvette

Tired of your 1963-67 Sting Ray but still want to stay in the Corvette family?

You might want to talk to this Woodstock, Conn., dealer who says he is willing to part with his 1961 Corvette convertible but don’t fill out that check yet. He doesn’t want to sell his ’61 – just receive a C2 coupe in trade.

This 1961 barn find is triple black, though you’d be hard-pressed to see the paint very much through all the layers of dust accumulated after 40-plus years of storage. We’re assuming he wants the new owner to have the pleasure of cleaning up the car.

Owner Wants to Trade This 1961 Corvette

The “seller” reports that the car has just 63,000 miles and features both tops, rag and hard. Furthermore, he says the body and frame are in excellent condition.

Other than that, we aren’t given much information in the owner’s Facebook Marketplace listing, but he encourages anyone interested in trading to give him a call for more details.

The Corvette was surging in popularity in 1961, surpassing the 10,000 production for the first time by some 939 examples.

Owner Wants to Trade This 1961 Corvette

We aren’t told if this particular car retains its original engine after nearly 60 years, though that’s a possibility since the owner says it has just 63,000 miles. If it is numbers matching, that means it would have to be a 283 as that was the only size offered during its last year of use in Corvettes. The base carbureted engine that year produced 230 horsepower, but several higher-powered versions were offered as options, including a rare 275 horsepower fuel-injected engine (just 118 were sold). Another more popular fuel-injected option produced 315 horsepower, with 1,462 leaving the St. Louis factory. A couple of other engines included two four-barrel carburetors and generated either 245 or 270 horsepower.

The ’61 received a facelift, becoming the first Corvette without heavy “teeth” in the grill area and with the now legendary four taillight treatment.

Owner Wants to Trade This 1961 Corvette

As for what would constitute a fair trade, 1961 Corvettes can range from $30,000 to $100,000, while C2s go between $40,000 to $150,000, depending on condition. It’ll be up to the two parties involved to figure out whether a trade would be even or would require cash in either direction.

Facebook Marketplace via Barnfinds.com

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